50 Life Lessons Continued

Life is full of lessons, but are we learning them? As I continue to share 50 life lessons learned so far, this week we’ll break them down by soul, mind and body. As with last week, there are many more, but it’s my prayer these will speak to you and your life.

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50 Life Lessons (part 2)


  • God is love and God is good all the time.
  • Jesus saves and is Lord over all .
  • God created us and has a plan for each of us
  • Be still and listen for God’s voice to lead you to this plan. Pay attention and follow.
  • Trusting God is always better than worrying.
  • Trusting God is more difficult than worrying.
  • Don’t worry, just pray.
  • Let it out and let it go in prayer.
  • Then leave it with Him and don’t pick it back up again.
  • Some of the best things in my life happen when I let go and let God.
  • God’s directions for life are in the Bible.
  • Read these directions daily.

    Kudos to this witness on wheels!
  • I can do infinitely more than I ever think I can when I follow and act in His strength.
  • Don’t be too busy or hurried to listen to God and others.
  • Knowing when to listen, speak and act takes wisdom from God.
  • Always be mindful that our lives are a witness to others.


  • Changing behaviors can strengthen both body and mind
  • We can learn and grow our brain cells until we die.
  • Multitasking and interruptions are the enemy of focus.
  • If you don’t remember someone’s name, there’s a good chance they may not remember yours either. Reintroduce yourself graciously.
  • Own your attitude and your mind will function better.
  • Patience is not only a virtue but a choice and habit to be cultivated.


  • Exercise (particularily in the morning) makes both body and mind function better.
  • Exercise even if and when you don’t want to (& based on your Dr.’s recommendation)
  • Take care of your back, feet and skin. They really do support all of you.
  • Sunscreen and good shoes are your friends.
  • Add brain foods to everything you eat.
  • Adequate quality and quantity of sleep is not a luxury but a necessity for body and mind wellness.

Life gives us lessons each day. Let’s listen and heed the knowledge and wisdom given. I pray these lessons I’ve learned are beneficial to you as well. Chime in and let me know what you’re learning, I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “50 Life Lessons Continued”

  1. “I can do infinitely more than I ever think I can when I follow and act in His strength.” This is so true! I didn’t believe it when I was young, but what convinced me beyond all doubt was giving birth to my children.

    • God has shown me this over and over again and it’s one of my favorites to learn over again as He continually pushes me beyond myself. Thanks Marlene and yes, childbirth is definitely one way to learn this! 🙂


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