Active Listening

I laid back after turning off the alarm as a clear thought bubbled to the surface of my drowsiness.  “Listen to your body”.  I didn’t consciously think this, yet there it was.  I knew exactly what it meant and what I needed to do.

My body has been talking to me a lot lately.  Fatigue, achy knees, a tender back and strained calf muscle to name a few.  At the same time, I’m healthy.  What is essential is to actively listen to what my body needs.

This is where my Lenten Wellness Journey word “intentional” comes in.  I need to be intentional about listening to my body and also be intentional about what I do about it.

As some of you are aware from our Wellness Journey last Lent, it’s been almost a year since I tore the ACL in my knee.  I lived with it for 6 months and then had surgery last October.  The recovery time is a year, but at 6 months, I should be cleared for most activities.  It then takes another 6 months to typically get back to where I was.  Ironically, my 6 month date will be about a year from when I originally tore it.

I’ve been very diligent about my knee rehab.  However at times, I’ve pushed too much.  I tweaked an old back injury last weekend doing what I knew I shouldn’t. While running for my knee, I strained a calf muscle.  So last week I had to rest more days than I planned or wanted.  I enjoyed the rest, but was subconsciously upset at my “lack of listening” to my body.

The sinful mind loves to weave certain thoughts in against our better judgment.  It also gently implants seeds of doubt.  I knew I shouldn’t shovel with my back, but I convinced myself it was ok.  I knew I was pushing the running until my calf screamed to stop.

Why do I wait until my body screams before I do something?

The key is to pay attention sooner by actively listening to my body.  I need to intentionally direct my thoughts to what is good and healthy for me.  Push out the lying, negative thoughts and replace them with mind directed wisdom.  This wisdom can be found in Biblical principles of healthy thoughts and actions.

This is the topic of this Saturday’s presentation “Be Well in Mind, Soul & Body”. I hope you’ll join me as I discuss how soul, mind and body wellness are connected and how each needs to be nurtured to create the wellness and life God has planned for us.

Listening to my body before it screams out is an ongoing process.  Similar to wellness, it’s taking steps on a path.  Take whatever steps you need today for your wellness and I hope to see you on Saturday!IMG_1524

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