My Year in Books

As a year closes, there’s a tendency to look back before moving forward. For me, this year revolved around books, so here is my year in books. I realized creating this list, it was a year of reading mainly fiction series books. Both are a bit unusual for me, but working so much on my …

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What is Faith?

what is faith text with flame icon

What is faith to you? Go ahead, fill in the blank: faith is _________. How does it manifest in your daily life? These are questions I’ve been ruminating over lately. Faith means many things and often depends on to who/what it is being applied. The writer of Hebrews says: Faith shows the reality of what …

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Navigate the New Normal

navigation arrow with text how to navigate new normals

The other day I saw fallen autumn leaves…in August! As time slips away (faster) each year, we navigate the new normal of seasons. These seasons aren’t simply flipping the calendar page, they often denote a change of life, a shift into what’s next. This can be difficult as we age whether on the back half …

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5 Habits to Refresh your Soul

Lenten season is here and it’s a time to repent, renew, and refresh our souls as we look to the cross. It’s also that time of year when our goals or intentions from the new year start to wane or atrophy. Lent can be the perfect time to work on some habits to refresh your …

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How to Minimize Mental Atrophy

minimize mental atrophy

Atrophy. Simply put, if something isn’t used, it can waste away. It’s often referred to the body, like muscle atrophy, but I would argue this can also apply to our mind and faith. We often begin strong with habits in January but by February, our motivation slackens and atrophy impacts our intentions. But similar to …

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