How Are You-Really?

What I am“Hi!  How are you?” We ask this repeatedly-but how often do we receive (or want) an honest answer?  Usually, the reply is “fine”, “great” or “ok” when many of us really want to say “exhausted”, “worried”, or “wondering what’s next”. I understand that even though I may be feeling much of the above, I know I am well.

What I am and what I’m feeling are two different things.  I am well because I am well in my soul.  The rest are feelings.  Currently, I am feeling tired from a long weekend and a bit overwhelmed with all I have going on; but my life is blessed and I am well.

Attempting to see the big picture of life, I’ve concluded that big picture is not all my responsibility.  My future is secure in the saving grace of Jesus.  The rest is managing the “stuff” of this world and my feelings and reactions to said stuff.

This is part of what I’d like to explore in our Fall 12 week Wellness Journey.

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A Wellness Restart

Ever find yourself physically or mentally drained?  I have, usually at the end of summer or a big life event.  This summer, I was determined not to wind up exhausted! Ahh Summer-lazy days of doing nothing, relaxing and taking stock of life, right?  Not always the case for me.  Most summers, the variant schedule changes, …

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Optimal, not just Functional

“Let’s warm up with jumping jacks”, said the running group leader.  “No problem”, I thought.  While jumping, I turned to look goofily at my daughter who was with me.  Mid-turn, my leg gave out and I suddenly and obviously fell to the pavement. “I’m good!”  I cheerfully said while pulling myself off the ground in front of 20 women and girls I didn’t know very well.  My knee wasn’t painful, but wasn’t entirely right either.  But I pressed on, my daughter ran off and I went walking with a few women.

While walking, I turned to chat and boom-down again!  Once more a smiling, “I’m fine” came out of my mouth as I hoisted myself off the gravel a bit slower this time.  Three miles later I was okay, until it gave out a few more times at home.  I finally whispered to my husband, “I think I did something to my knee.”

Fast forward a few months–past the Dr.’s appointments, MRI, and PT to help me identify if I want to live with a stable, but torn ACL or have surgery. I realized my knee is fairly stable, but it’s only functional, not optimal.  It is time for surgery.

Can I live with it?  Yes.

Do I want to? Not anymore.

I want more for my life.  I want to live an optimal existence and this knee is hindering me. Optimal and not just functional is how I want to live for Jesus as well.

Jesus told them, “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.” ~John 6:29 NLT

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I am God’s Messenger?

Stephan’s Spirit-led response to the accusing Sanhedrin Council in Acts 7 inspired me.  I prayed for boldness in sharing my faith like God’s messengers in the Bible.  Then I thought, “I’m not God’s messenger!  I’m not a prophet, teacher or called leader in the church.”  Mid-prayer, self-doubt slithered in. Gratefully, God gently broke into my …

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