Balancing Our Precious Resources

I am blessed to share my wonderful friend Christa Hutchins’ words with you today in our Third Thursday guest post.  Christa is a woman who gets things done! She truly thrives and finds joy in assisting others achieve their dreams and does it all through a Biblical perspective. Read on for Christa’s inspiration on how we all can be doers…

Dream with me here for a minute.  What could you do if you had unlimited resources?

If you had all the money you needed to fund your next great idea?

If you had all the time you needed to exercise regularly and keep your body in shape?

If you had all the knowledge you needed to make wise, soul-satisfying decisions for you and your family?

Okay, now snap back to reality. (Sorry about that little bait and switch there!) Reality is that none of us have unlimited resources, and I suspect if we did, we would be totally overwhelmed by all the possibilities.  In fact, I believe God actually uses our limited resources to protect us and keep us dependent on Him.

extraordinaryBut we CAN have a balance in our resources.  When we have adequate time, money and knowledge, our resources are balanced and we are well-positioned for personal growth and effectiveness. I call this the Resource Triangle.  If we are lacking in one or two, our triangle will be off-balance and it will be more difficult to achieve our goals.  That’s when we need to learn how to use what we have to fill the gaps of what we are lacking.

There is a great story in the Bible of someone who did exactly that.  If you’ve never read Jael’s story, hop over to Judges 4.  Here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

Sisera was an enemy of Israel and he alone escaped from a battle where his forces were defeated.  He thought he would hide out at Jael’s place because she was married to his friend, but little did he know, Jael did not share her husband’s support of Sisera.  When she saw Sisera coming, Jael knew she did not have much time to make a difference in this story. She ran out to meet him and quickly lured him into her home with food, milk and a warm place to rest.  Then she drove a tent peg through his head as he slept and delivered the dead Sisera to the leader of the Israelites. 

Way to go, Jael!!

What I love about Jael’s story is that she did not have any extraordinary resources.  She used the materials she had on hand and the common knowledge of a nomadic wife who put up the tent everywhere she settled.   She was quick on her feet and created time to destroy the one enemy who had escaped the battle.

Do you ever compare yourself to someone else and think you don’t know as much as them? Don’t have as much money as them?  Don’t have the spare time they do?  Hey, we all feel like that from time to time.  And it might actually be TRUE!

But don’t let that stop you from running hard after the dream God has planted in you.  He doesn’t need you to have any special skills or abilities.  He will use your ordinary to do something extra0rdinary.  He only asks for your willing heart so He can use what you have to make up for what you lack.

[tweetthis]God will use your ordinary resources to do something extraordinary. @mckdbooks [/tweetthis]

Resources are precious.  Whether it is our time, money or knowledge, doing life well will cost us something valuable. So let’s make it worth that cost.  Giving God control of all our resources, so that we are completely dependent on Him, ensures that our resources will be used wisely and all our gaps will be filled.

Even if we don’t know our way around a tent peg and hammer!

headshot 1Christa Hutchins is a “doer-of-things” who provides ministry coaching, project management and administrative support for speakers, writers and ministry leaders. Her writing provides practical insight into moving your God-sized dream from vision to action. Christa lives in South Louisiana with her husband in their delightfully empty nest, where you usually will find her with her nose stuck in a book or sipping on a triple tall, non-fat peppermint mocha.

Connect with Christa at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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12 thoughts on “Balancing Our Precious Resources”

  1. I love this story of Jael and your thoughts about using our limited resources. I know I find myself getting caught in the trap of limited belief. But God is faithful and uses us even when we think we don’t have enough or as much as someone else 🙂 Thank for sharing!

    • So glad I could share Christa’s words with you, Casey. Hope they inspire you like they did me! Thanks for stopping by and your comments!

    • That’s a really interesting idea, Casey. Our belief or faith is a resource just like the others. Hmmmm …. something new to think about!

  2. I like the fact that you mentioned time and knowledge as resources. Many times I get overwhelmed by the money, but as you stated resources and more than monetary/material. Great read!

    • Amen! I love how Christa helps us all remember ALL of our resources, especially our biggest one-God! Thanks for stopping by and your thoughts, Brittany!

    • Brittany, I like to think of time, money and knowledge as a triangle. When you are short on one, the others can fill in the gap and balance out your triangle. I’m so glad this was helpful to you!

    • Wasn’t it interesting? I thought the same thing and I love how Christa saw the resource angle of the story. Thanks for stopping by and your thoughts Sarah-always a pleasure to have you here!

    • The Bible is so rich with little details we can use in our every day life. You may not know much about tent pegs, but you have ordinary resources that God wants to use to make a big difference! Thanks for your kind words, Sarah 🙂

  3. Wow, Christa. Such wise words. I had to read slowly to make sure they sunk in. I want to remember when I feel my resources are limited that I should make the most of what I’ve got and God will do the rest. Perfect advice as I try to use the little I have this week. God will use my ordinary resources to do the extraordinary. I might be a bit of a nomad at the moment, but I’m glad I don’t have to do anything so drastic as Jael did with a tent peg! Thank you Jill, too.

    • You’re welcome Rachel, I love how Christa’s words and meaning she finds in scripture helps speak to us all! God will use all our resources if only we listen and allow His work to be done through us!


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