Bloom in Joy

In the bustle of busy, I can lose sight of joy. Caught up in unexpected a few months ago, I was spent. So, I chose joy as my 2017 one word to celebrate daily. I still slip into busy and lose sight of joy at times. It’s not intentional. This, that, and interruptions intrude and soon joy is lost. But then, in mid-complaint I realize a simple truth:

Joy stems from trust.

Joy is like a radiant blossom. Its beauty cannot bloom without a stem to support and sustain it. Trust in God is that stem. Regardless of circumstance, environment or how many other flowers are or aren’t blooming around me, my joy is rooted in trusting Him.[tweetthis] Joy stems from trusting in God. #Soul #Wellness #FindingJoy[/tweetthis]

Those who listen to instruction will prosper; those who trust the Lord will be joyful.  ~Proverbs 16:20 NLT

Do you have difficult days when you cannot see anything good, let alone celebrate joy? I sure do. Questioning why or how, or wondering what’s next in a difficult situation may lead us to only see bad or lacking. What’s visible is what we aren’t, don’t want, or even our worst fears unfolding before our eyes. The whole world is seemingly pulled out from under us like a slippery throw rug. We land on our backsides, desperately looking up for meaning.

Here is where the blossom of joy is formed. Rooted in God, trust supplies spiritual strength through His Word, worship, and prayer. The flower forms with a God song, Bible verse or a well-timed comment or gesture from a friend. Slowly, petals unfurl as we listen and lean in, understanding we can trust God, no matter our circumstance.

Our joy begins to bloom.

I don’t know what’s happening in your world, but I’m leaning into this trust a lot lately. Trusting Him with big and little, for others and myself, it’s digging deep. As life turns up the heat, my reliance rests in His shade. The more I let go, receive that spiritual strength, and trust in Him, the more joy is found.

Still, I sense even deeper digging may be ahead. But I’m rooted in trusting Him. Here are a few ways I’ve found joy lately. Maybe these will germinate joy for you too.

Validation. My work helping others with memory wellness is often not well understood, except by those receiving it firsthand. Circumstances can discourage, but God has given me small moments of validation from those directly impacted by my efforts. It fills me with joy and fuels my faith in this calling. What is God calling you to do and what obedient steps can you take today?

An altered attitude. Gray days of March drag down my demeanor. Even amid warmer days, things aren’t green, just an ugly, gloomy gray. In this season, I purposefully shift my attitude by inserting bright color in my wardrobe each day. It’s a little thing that lifts my mood and shifts my perspective toward beauty. How can you find joy by altering your attitude?

Purposeful connection. I’m comfortable alone.  But I also know spending time with friends and family refuels and grounds me. Being more purposeful in connecting with those I care about ensures these relationships God has placed in my life will continue to bloom. Who do you need to connect with to insert joy in your day?

A daily gift. Wise words from an older friend or client or a simple truth from a child are gifts of wisdom often present in my days. Making moments memorable is my MemoryMinders mantra, yet when so consumed with busy, I can miss these beautiful whispers of joy. I’m reminding myself to honor my moments as the gift they are. What gift can you find in today?

Trusting in God leads us forward on the path He has planned. It’s the sturdy yet fragile conduit to blooming joy. If nurtured, its strength supports and allows joy to blossom. When neglected, the flower fades.

Let’s root our faith in His Word and promises. This creates a supportive stem of trust sustaining joy in our lives.

Don’t be bound by busy.

Bloom in joy.

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9 thoughts on “Bloom in Joy”

    • Thanks Michele-yes the waiting and trusting can at times be difficult. But when we do, oh the blessings God gives. Thanks for stopping by today! Always a pleasure to connect with you!

  1. Jill, so nice. I love this in particular: “Joy is like a radiant blossom. Its beauty cannot bloom without a stem to support and sustain it.” I love this illustration that He is our life-sustaining stem. I’ll think of this as flowers are blooming a little too early down here in Texas, where there was no winter this year. I love your series on joy.

    • Thanks Teresa! you are an encourager to me and so many, thanks for your input on what resonated with you. Trusting in Him is our source of Joy!


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