Four Steps to Live our Faith Daily

4 steps to live our faith

He is Risen! He is risen indeed, hallelujah! In the post Easter glow of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, we may wonder how to live on earth while awaiting heaven one day. I believe the answer is to live our faith daily, continuing the salvation celebration and sharing our joy with those around us. No matter where …

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Being Rooted

tree with roots pic and words the fruit of being rooted

Ask anyone who picks a ‘word’ for the year and very often what happens related to the word is enlightening. While no major aha moments were revealed, my year of being rooted was certainly an enlightening experience. I learned some things, but overall, it was a year of growth, just like we’d expect with the …

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It’s a God Thing

“It’s a God thing.” This past weekend while catching up with friends at different events, that phrase kept recurring. It sums up when things happen in a way only God could have orchestrated. Some people may say it’s serendipitous or lucky how things work out, but I firmly believe it’s a God thing. God’s hand …

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Listening in Action

Ever sense God speaking? Whether least expected or searching for answers, we open our Bible or a devotion to the perfect verse or hear a song lyric speak directly to us. Often so spot on, it’s surreal. Other times, we cringe remembering God knows all and speaks even in our missteps. Regardless of how and …

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Rise Above

A mantra can be a powerful reminder of what we truly desire or want to be. One little mantra our family uses has taken on new meaning recently: “rise above”. It’s a simple reminder no matter what or who is causing a problem in our lives, we rise above. We often use it when someone …

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