Twists, Turns and a Pivotal Change

a wellness pivotal change

Life is full of surprises, twists, and turns. The path often shifts and we either adapt or get lost along the way. Our wellness journey can be similar. We’re functioning and feeling fine then sudden changes blow in by circumstance or choice. But even in life’s unpredictability, one constant remains: our God. He never leaves …

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The Password is Jesus

What’s the WiFi password? It’s often a teen’s first question upon entering a new or unfamiliar space. They want connection for access to social media, the internet, or even their homework. (Ok, not so much on the last one…) Being connected is vital to them. It should be for all of us. In a world …

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Finding More of God

More of God is better

I hit the snooze button again. One of the kids needs me (whether real or perceived). My head/back hurts. My stomach is growling. What was that noise? Look at the sunrise-I should take a pic! Great devotion! I should post that on social media. All of the above have pulled me away from spending quality …

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