Which Way to Turn

Lately, it’s confusing knowing which way to turn. Leaders disagree, plans cancel, and life as expected changes in a blink. But I’ve noticed something about knowing which way to turn. It’s a conscious and/or subconscious choice made thousands of times a day. And it begins with our thoughts. With every thought leading to action, we …

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Don’t Lament Loss; Harness Hope.

This unprecedented time in history began with uncertainty, moved into fear, and is headed into impatience. Much has been canceled, postponed, or simply lost. But don’t lament loss, let’s harness hope. While difficult to see at times, I sense this stay at home season is and still can be very beneficial. Our world, country, communities, …

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Twists, Turns and a Pivotal Change

a wellness pivotal change

Life is full of surprises, twists, and turns. The path often shifts and we either adapt or get lost along the way. Our wellness journey can be similar. We’re functioning and feeling fine then sudden changes blow in by circumstance or choice. But even in life’s unpredictability, one constant remains: our God. He never leaves …

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