The Antidote for Worry

the antidote for worry

“God willing.” This addendum to future intentions can be the antidote for worry. But only if we truly believe and apply it well. Worry can steal our moments and cause us to question ours and/or God’s plans. In the process we miss the present. I heard a great analogy recently by Tauren Wells “Worry is …

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Adapting to Change

No one likes change, yet it’s inevitable. Like time, change waits for no one and as Carey Nieuwhof puts it, it doesn’t ask permission either. The only thing unchanging in this life is God. As we age, adapting to change becomes more of a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Change happens …

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The Password is Jesus

What’s the WiFi password? It’s often a teen’s first question upon entering a new or unfamiliar space. They want connection for access to social media, the internet, or even their homework. (Ok, not so much on the last one…) Being connected is vital to them. It should be for all of us. In a world …

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