How to Refocus a Worried Mind

A scattered or worried mind impedes us whenever or wherever it wants. It’s difficult to refocus a worried mind when thoughts swirl, jump, and invade. The what-ifs, worst case scenarios, whys, and why nots slowly or suddenly overtake our mind and impair our actions. It doesn’t matter when or what: sleep, work, being present, or …

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A Word, a Plan, & a Prayer to Transform a Year

a word, a plan, a prayer to transform

While doing some year end reflection and planning, to my surprise, I discovered a word, a plan, and a prayer to wrap up a year unlike any other. I sense these three things will also help me begin next year well. The last few years I’ve been prompted to do some year end reflections and …

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Finding More of God

More of God is better

I hit the snooze button again. One of the kids needs me (whether real or perceived). My head/back hurts. My stomach is growling. What was that noise? Look at the sunrise-I should take a pic! Great devotion! I should post that on social media. All of the above have pulled me away from spending quality …

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Instilling Faith to Follow

It’s back to school season and this year that meant a college far, far away for my first born. I often wondered if I had done enough as a mom to pave a path of faith to follow. It made me think of all the ways this world can impact our children and how our …

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Every Moment Matters

What’s special about this moment, right now? For me, it’s conveying thoughts to you in this blog post and for you, it may be gleaning insight or encouragement by reading it. Every moment has an inherent specialness simply because we’ll never have this moment again. Thinking of our moments as finite fragments we’ll never relive …

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