Create Habits that Stick

A Desire to Change

Do you wish for change but feel overwhelmed or unsure how to do it? You want to be healthy, engage your mind, accomplish a big goal, or simply move forward toward a better life. Resolutions and goals are created, but soon momentum, desire, or the motivation to keep going is lost. If this is a familiar path, then you may need a system of habits to help.

Any goal, resolution, or behavior change is improved by creating a system that turns desires and actions into repeatable habits. Habits switch our brains to autopilot and change becomes ingrained. The key to change is understanding how to create habits that stick.

Create Habits that Stick

Creating Habits that Stick

I’ve studied habits for years personally and professionally in my work at MemoryMinders. As a nurse, in my client’s and my own personal life, I have seen drastic change occur when a system of habits is implemented. So I’ve pulled all I’ve learned and created a new Habits course which boils down the essential components needed for anyone serious about change, goal achievement, and living with purpose.

Creating Habits that Stick is crucial for anyone who wants to:

  • Implement change
  • Achieve goals
  • Live with purpose

After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Plan for Habits that Align with your Goals
  2. Create and Engage in Repeatable Habits
  3. Evaluate and Maintain Habits for any Situation

Here are just some of the valuable lessons you’ll learn in this course:

  • Essential Questions to ask when planning any habit
  • Common Pitfalls to avoid
  • Simple Assessment to create new and better habits
  • Crucial Factors to habit creation & continuation
  • Maintenance Techniques to adapt habits to any circumstance

You don’t have to feel helpless to change and have the life you desire.

Live with purpose by learning how to create a system of repeatable habits that stick!

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