Eyes Wide Open

The aha moment. It’s when something fresh, revolutionary or a long sought after solution suddenly appears. We finally see clearly! Our eyes fully open, we now see what has always been there. Have you ever experienced an aha moment?

These moments can be small, like when an answer becomes obvious or nagging anxiety lifts. Or they can be big, life-changing turning points. Often it’s a feeling but they can also be real and concrete like learning to read, deciphering a difficult math concept or riding a bike. Small or large, felt or seen these aha moments are a wonder to behold. They are certainly not to be missed because we aren’t fully present.

As we continue our Lenten series on being PRESENT, let’s keep our eyes open not only for the aha moments but all the others in between, too. E=Eyes  open (literally and figuratively).

Through a series of events this week something finally hit me. It was an eye-opening aha moment, although obvious to only me. I tried explaining it to the loved one it impacts the most and it didn’t really register with him. But it did with me. That’s the thing about these moments; they typically have the most meaning for us, but  still affect so many others.

In this moment, my eyes finally opened to what now seems so clear. The revelation will change my actions and attitude moving forward. But none of it would have happened if I wasn’t being purposeful about being present with eyes open.

Being present isn’t only about our physical being. It’s also our way of thinking and purposeful intention with people, projects or even ourselves. God gives us aha moments every day, the question is are we paying attention?

I often hear God speak through my own words as I teach, speak or talk with family and friends. Sometimes it’s a song or what others say or do. I don’t always get the message the first time so when I finally do, the resounding aha is all the more powerful. It’s as though God has been knocking and I finally open the door to His amazing message!

I want more aha’s, don’t you? I want to experience more awareness of what God is trying to show, tell, demonstrate, teach, or warn me to fully live the life HE wants for me. I long to be fully present to follow, but first I need to open my eyes![tweetthis]Being present isn’t just physical, it’s also how we think & view the world. Let’s open our eyes to see all the moments God has for us! #BePresent [/tweetthis]

Let’s not miss the incredible people, paths, and messages God has placed in our lives. Instead, let’s keep our eyes open to:

  • The beauty and possibilities of everyday life.
  • The simple awareness of other’s gifts to acknowledge and appreciate them.
  • The negative around us to avoid, eliminate, or work to change it.
  • The slippery slopes threatening to invade personal or family wellness.
  • The path God has for each of us daily-not just our own plans.

Every moment, choice, and word can impact our lives and those around us. This could and often has overwhelmed me in the past. Instead, my goal is to keep my eyes open to everything without getting too stressed about it. I want opened eyes to learning, growing, and striving but also to fully resting in who God created me to be in each moment.

We have multitudes of choices daily to be present or splintered with the distractions of this world. There’s a great song/prayer for God to show us what He wants us to see which reflects my desire. Eyes open literally and figuratively to all around us-the people, choices, beauty and paths God gives, is yet another step in following His footprints. Let’s pay attention.

I don’t want to look back and see my steps veering away from Jesus. I want my eyes open to following His path in front of me and seeing all the aha moments He chooses to send my way.

Won’t you join me? What distractions are standing in the way of seeing Jesus’ footprints or the aha moments in front of you today? How can we focus and keep our eyes open to what God has for us?

Feel free to share in a comment, email or on social media about how you’re keeping your eyes open to #BePresent this Lenten season. Let’s encourage each other! For an additional bonus, check out my friend Betsy’s post this week about listening. I just love how God gave her a similar message this week and how He opened my eyes to see it!

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6 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open”

  1. I love the insight that God has aha moments for us every day. What a sweet insight, friend. Makes me smile to think about God being interactive with us to that degree each day. I want to notice more. Thank you for the challenge to have eyes to see. xoxo

    • Thanks Brenda-it’s a constant battle to resist the enemy and open our eyes to see what God wants us to see. Glad this encouraged you!

  2. I’m all in for this Jill. I have become a multi-tasker to a fault. Never really being fully present at any one time. So recently I made the decision to break this habit. I have two kids getting married this year and I wanted to be fully present for each of them when they needed me so this was as good of a year to change as any. Lol Great job Jill!

    • Yes, I hear you Gretchen! Feels like many of us are in the same boat. Thank you and blessings as you travel, fully present, with both the weddings!


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