Fight the Mental Funk

Thoughts scattered or feeling no motivation? To fight the mental funk, we simply need to know the secrets. When it’s below zero AGAIN and we can’t see over the snow piles, it can be difficult to get moving. We’re sick of being inside (especially in mid/late pandemic phase) and the shiny new year has lost its luster. But there’s an easy fix and the best part is we already know it.

I’ve learned a lot from 2020. But like me, do you keep relearning the same lessons in life? This occurs all the time when I’m coaching clients, presenting, or even parenting. Sometimes we just need to hear it again, or in my case do it again.

Just Do It

Recently, I woke up in a funk. It was hard to focus and difficult to get motivated. But in the back of my mind, I just needed a spark of energy. I love to walk outside, but with uncooperative weather, I begrudgingly went down to the basement for a quick workout. Twenty minutes later, I was able to focus more, and even tackled and finished something challenging!

This may seem like well duh, of course exercise is going to make you feel better. I know (and teach others) how invigorating even a quick workout can be for my mind, body, and spirit. But when mentally stuck even a little, those things we know and things we do are very different. And that’s exactly my point. We know what to do.

Here is what I keep relearning-it’s in the doing, where we often find our next steps.

Nike is so spot on with their famous slogan to “Just Do It”, whatever your “it” is. This isn’t just me. I shared this on Instagram and Facebook recently and others agree. For me, the other day my “it” was exercise but last week, it was chipping away at a big project.

Move that Mountain

There’s a famous Chinese proverb: The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

What is your mountain? Mine is a big project I’ve imagined for years. I’m not even sure how I’m going to fully accomplish it. That unknown end point and other prioritized commitments made me put it off for years. But it’s time. After some initial planning, I just finally dug in. As I did, more ideas and organizational structure became clear.

It’s still a big mountain with lots of stones (and boulders) to move. But they won’t move if I don’t start. Whether it’s chipping away at a project, doing what we know will help us, or obeying God when we don’t understand, next steps are found in the doing.

So what do you need to do to fight the mental funk and find your next steps?

  • Embrace a difficult task or conversation?
  • Chip away at a goal or project?
  • Adjust your diet or get off the couch?
  • Read your Bible?
  • Obey God when it doesn’t make sense?

Don’t let lack of motivation win. Let’s fight the mental funk by doing what we know to do, chip away, and follow God. It’s in the faithful doing where we find our path.

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4 thoughts on “Fight the Mental Funk”

    • Yes! For Lent this year, I’m trying to extend kindness in greater measure each day as one of my things to do to fight the funk. Thanks Genna for sharing!


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