Finding Peace in Total Surrender

Anxiety lurked beneath her beautiful makeup. Fear swam in the blue of her eyes. The what if’s of what could go wrong floated like word bubbles above her head. Yes, she had prayed. But she still couldn’t let go. I know this feeling.  We pray but still worry. We trust but still wonder. We just can’t let go and let God have complete control.

A few years ago, I dreamt of writing a book. It began for a different reason and with a different focus. To learn more I went to a conference, pitched the book and grew in the process. I continued to write, encourage and connect. Going to the same conference again last weekend, I felt at peace, yet it wasn’t because of anything I did. It only came with total surrender.

Surrendering our hopes, dreams, worries and lives at the foot of the cross is following His footprints.Trying to follow God’s plan with this book has always taken me out of my comfort zone. I’ve worked hard and tried to learn all I could to make it happen. But I realized I can do everything and it still may never happen. The end result isn’t as important as the process itself.  When I finally gave up control, I gained peace. While I had found peace this year, I also know how easily I can slip back into patterns of fear and doubt.  Additionally, I recognize it on the faces of others.

It wasn’t only at the conference. Anxiety was etched in many faces and in many places last weekend. I’ve been there and still am sometimes. But I’m learning to completely give my fears to God because frankly, He is the only One who has control in this world. If I submit my worry in prayer but don’t truly surrender, it’s like I don’t trust God. I cannot offer my worries in prayer then take them up again at Amen. I either surrender them at the feet of my Savior or I don’t. Halfway surrender never works. [tweetthis]In total surrender to Him, I truly find unspeakable #peace. [/tweetthis]

Surrender became my word for the conference weekend. Once again I learned, connected, pitched and grew. But surrendering also meant offering an encouraging word or prayer to those with anxious faces. Or it meant going out of my comfort zone to talk to others I didn’t know. This wasn’t always easy. I found encouragement and also discouragement. But I kept seeking His will and surrendering. In it, I found God’s love and hand in it all. Even a no from God can provide direction.

I love to have a soundtrack for the times of my life so I created a Surrender playlist of music you can see here.

[tweetthis]Let God’s #Word speak #truth, #peace & comfort into your life. [/tweetthis]

Surrendering our hopes, dreams, worries and lives at the foot of the cross is following His footprints. When we let go of control and grab onto our Redeemer, it can be uncomfortable. Yet in total surrender, peace overcomes. It’s a leap of faith, but try it and see how it makes a radical difference in your life!

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14 thoughts on “Finding Peace in Total Surrender”

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I have struggled with this all of my life. So thankful that God loves me and helps me to know that He is in control. He gives peace and joy, we just have to choose it. God Bless you for sharing this.

    • Thanks Patty for your thoughts and comments. He is in complete control and when we surrender it all to Him, we will walk in His plan for us and feel His peace. It’s a constant, conscious choice in my life and I pray this will help you too!

  2. Surrender is my word for the year so it was great to read about how that has worked out in your life. It definitely does lead to peace when we can truly surrender to God. I’m still working on it- it’s far too easy to pray but still worry as well, or to give the worries to God but then take them back. Thanks for sharing the playlist. Some of my favourites are on there as well as a few that I’m not familiar with, so I will check those out.

    • What a great word for the year, Carly! It is so easy to slide back into our worry instead of forging ahead into surrendering all to Him. I pray the songs will be an encouragement to you and may God strengthen and give you peace as you surrender to Him! Thanks for stopping by and your comments!

    • Thanks Kelly-it’s about giving it all to Him since He is the Author and Creator of it all anyway! Thanks for stopping by and your thoughts on surrender!

    • Thanks Crystal and I agree completely. When we surreneder to His better and greater plan, the peace of walking with and for Him is un explainable! Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure to have you here!

  3. Oh, I’ve been there too, Jill, as I’ve given my worries to God to only take them back at “amen.” Only by holding onto Jesus am I able to let go of the rest. Thank you for sharing, friend. : )

  4. Wow, Jill. I love that you’ve created a playlist for this whole surrender challenge. Music surely speaks to the deepest part of where we live. What a beautiful gift you’ve given …

    • Thanks Linda! I love how God speaks to me through music-hope it’s a blessing to others as well. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Thanks Sarah-me too! I pray we can both keep surrendering our all to Him and keep that peace! Thanks for your thoughts!


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