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Where you stare is where you steer.  A memorable saying to remind us what we focus on is where we will go.  This applies visually but also to what and to whom we listen.Focus on & Follow Him

Each wellness journey, I create a playlist of songs that speak to me during the journey.  I teach my clients what we put into our minds assists our attitudes, focus and memories.  My playlist is a perfect example. The music is a reminder of what is important and sets my attitude.  I find myself singing or humming them as I move through my day because I listen in the car, while exercising etc.  I fill my mind and those in the car with me, with love and positive reminders.

While coming down the stretch of our Lenten Wellness Journey, I wanted to share some favorite songs from this journey’s playlist and their impact on me.  A few I’ve mentioned in posts, others may be new to you.  Either way, take a listen on itunes or watch the linked videos by clicking the song title and see if they speak to you as well. ( I apologize in advance for the few with ads, be patient-the songs are worth it!)

Day One by Matthew West:  An upbeat reminder to live each day as a new creation!  Each day is a new opportunity to be who God created us to be. Constantly reminding ourselves about past mistakes will never move us forward.  “I don’t have to stay there” as Matthew says.  “It’s day one of the rest of my life, it’s day one of the best of my life” and “Every morning, mercy’s new”-these lyrics assist us all to remember we are new lives in Christ each day and to live accordingly.  This is my favorite song and overall anthem this wellness journey!

Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw:  I wrote a MemoryMinders blog post on this song.  This sentiment goes along with living each day as Day One.  If you were to live each day as though it were your last-what would you do?  Enough said.

Say Amen by Finding Favour:  This carryover from the Fall Wellness Journey speaks to how I feel everyday-thankful for all the moments He has worked in my life.   “If there’s anybody here who’s found  Him faithful, anybody here who’s knows He’s able– say Amen, and if there’s anybody here who’s seen His power, anybody here brought through the fire,  say Amen.  Anybody here found joy in the middle of sorrow, peace in the storm, hope for tomorrow and seen it time and time again-just say Amen.”  There are so many heartfelt, truthful lines to remind us how much God is always working in our lives, just listen…

Because He Lives by Matt Maher:  A great Lenten song about how we can overcome by the power of Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection.  Because He lives, I am alive and will be forever with Him.  “Because He lives, every fear is gone; I know He holds my life, my future in His hands.” This song is a wonderful encouragement to focus, reflect and praise God for His ultimate gift to us.

He Knows by Jeremy Camp:  This is another perfect Lenten reminder of how Jesus suffered more than we ever will, ever could and KNOWS how we are feeling.  We can always take all our sorrows, pain and disappointments to Him, because He knows.  “He knows, let your burdens come undone, lift your eyes up to the One who knows”.  Give this song to anyone who needs uplifting and encouragement to seek Him in every pain, because He knows.

Soul on Fire by Third Day:  “God, I’m running for your heart, I’m running for your heart ’til I am a soul on fire”-uplifting song with a great beat I literally RUN to for my knee rehab.  It reminds how to refocus each day “until all I see is you” as the song says.

Drops in the Ocean by Hawk Nelson:  Encouragement of how God wants us to come to Him because His love and forgiveness is as deep and as wide as the drops in the ocean.  “If you want to see how much you mean to me, look at my hands, look at my side”-another great Lenten visual of how much Jesus loves us.

Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin:  When we are anxious, nervous, scared or worried-all we need to do is think “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, the God of Angel armies is always by side.”  What reassurance that NOTHING in this world is too big or too hard for God.  Trust in Him and move on.

Shoulders by for King & Country:  Follows the same theme about how God carries all of our “stuff” on His shoulders, “my help comes from you, you carry my weakness, my sickness all on your shoulders.” He carries us and all our burdens; we don’t have to do anything alone.

Let’s fill our minds and hearts with positive and reflective music, thoughts and visuals to fix our eyes, minds and attitudes on Him while following His footprints this Holy Week.  Look for the last couple songs and thoughts on Easter…Blessings as you continue to follow Him.

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