Following His Path

I thrive on planning ahead and being in control. While typically these character traits serve me well, devastation results when plans unravel and life spins out of control. In those moments, there’s only one thing to do: hold on and follow the One who saves.

I’ve always known God’s presence and been His Follower. But whether you’re a planner or a go with the flow type of person, there will be times when life is beyond our control. Maybe it’s the frightening sense of the rug slowly and relentlessly being tugged out from under you. Or it’s the sudden phone call changing the course of your life. I’ve experienced both types of life altering, unmanageable moments. In the midst of them, I clung to my Savior.

When sudden news changed all my plans, my first thoughts turned to God. As the proverbial rug was slipping, I prayed and held onto Him. He carried me through my detoured life course and tattered plans to a new path.

Grieving losses and trying to find a new path forward, I sensed God giving me one of the first steps. “Go” was His message as I watched an invite to a medical mission trip to southeast Asia. “Really? I’ve never done this and I don’t even like Chinese food!” was my silent reply. But I knew. He who carried me to this path was asking me to go. I didn’t want to. But I did, because He said so. I knew my ever present God would never leave me. So I went. And it changed my life.

Trusting God on the mission trip gave me a renewed confidence in following. Each step of following led to the next. Soon He called me to another opportunity. Starting a business helping people with their memory amid another uncontrollable circumstance was a huge leap. It seemed like the wrong time. I wanted to write and control the uncontrollable. But again I listened because He said so.  My life and many others have been immensely blessed because of it.

Fast forward to today. None of what I am doing was anything I ever planned. But when I let go and followed Him, His plan became mine. I learned God’s plan is grander than anything I could ever imagine. I learned I can’t control everything nor do I want to any longer. And one of the most important things I learned was wellness isn’t all about our body or our mind. It begins in our soul.

I hope to encourage you along your path to wellness too. Join me as we challenge each other in a Spring into Wellness Challenge April 18-May 14. I’ll offer tips, encouragement and strategies via email on mind wellness on Mindful Mondays, body wellness on Wellness Wednesday, soul wellness on Thoughtful Thursday and fun wellness tips each Spring Saturday.Spring into Wellness

I followed when He said so. I didn’t always want to, but this following led me to places and experiences I never dreamed possible. I’d love to share some of what I’ve learned with you. Please join me as we challenge each other to a deeper form of wellness. Check out the Spring into Wellness Challenge page for details and sign up. Do it for yourself to find your own unique path to wellness. But even more, do it because He said so.

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14 thoughts on “Following His Path”

  1. Hi Jill! I love this post and you talking about clinging to God in the midst of hard times. This is what I’m needing to do in my life at this moment for myself. God is good and never changing. 🙂

    Thank you for the encouragement today! I am excited for your Spring Into Wellness Challenge

    • Thanks Chelsey! I will never stop learning about how to rest and trust in God’s plan over mine. He is good and always with us, let’s trust in that truth and challenge each other to wellness!

  2. I like to be in control too, but I agree there is a freedom that comes from surrendering to God and it is exciting to see how he can take us to places we’d never have dreamed of and use us in ways we could never have imagined. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Jill,
    I really enjoyed your blog, and I can relate 100% to trusting God every step of the way. I agree that it is a huge relief to not have to be in control of our life!

    “wellness isn’t all about our body or our mind. It begins in our soul.”
    – I love this quote And I’m excited to start the Spring into Wellness challenge!

  4. Yes, that used to be me alot. Things have changed, but I still try to keep things under control at times. God has shown me it’s not me. He is so good to us! He doesn’t want us to stub our toe or trip in this life. Thank you for sharing, Jill.

    • Thanks for the thoughts Tammy. Yes, it’s a never ending battle, but so worth it to follow Him! Hope you’ll join our Wellness Challenge-look forward to encouraging you!

  5. Hey Jill! I’m happy to be a first time visitor from Purposeful Faith! What a pretty spot on the internet you have. I really connected with your mission thoughts…it’s not comfortable, but OK, God!

    Praying God uses your wellness challenge in a big way:)

    • Thanks Meg! It’s my prayer God will use us all for His purposes, even if it’s uncomfortable for us. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me!


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