Get Me off this Ride!

Suddenly I was whirling; things and people were jumping out at me with every turn.  “Focus on the horizon”, I silently thought amid incessant gyrations. Clutching the safety bar, I desperately wanted off this ride. These feelings rushed back last week when I found myself on yet another roller coaster:  one of emotions. Smack dab in the midst of both rides, my faith and obedience grew.

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.               ~James 1:2-3

I do not tolerate spinning rides well.  But as we inched closer in line, our excitement was building.  Not sure what to expect, my daughter and I predicted the ride would be exhilarating.  I anticipated the speed, darkness and sudden thrills, but not the spinning.

Last week started off fairly normal.  I anticipated new opportunities, upcoming time off, routine schedules and procedures.   Instead I received rejection, disappointment, anxiety and frustration.  Reeling and swirling, I felt transported back to the theme park urgently wanting off this emotional roller coaster.

At the theme park, I knew the ride would end quickly.  But in my life, bad news and situations just kept coming.  I needed wisdom, comfort and reassurance.  In both instances, I prayed and tried to focus.

Find endurance and strength when life sends you spinning.

Rotating and suspended in air, I strained to focus on one spot.  I prayed to not lose my breakfast. Reading emails, sitting in the doctor’s office and juggling hectic schedules, I also focused and prayed.  I focused on comforting Bible verses.  I prayed for His loving reply to flow instead of my harsh one.

With every new spin, every new negative, I held on.  On the ride, the safety bar held me still. In my life, His Word did the same.  I knew He was there.  Just as the bar provided safety, God’s Word provided peace.  I knew situations were occurring for reasons I didn’t understand.  Although shaken, I trusted the promises in His Word. But it wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t easy offering God’s blessings to someone who gave disappointment and frustration.  It wasn’t easy altering detailed, well thought out plans.  It wasn’t easy waiting for test results or holding my tongue. But I did all of it with His strength.

I endured the ride because of a promise to my daughter.

I endured the emotions because of a promise from my Savior.

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All the learning, listening and reading His Word came to fruition amid spinning emotions.  His words were part of me.  I drew wisdom and strength from His promises engraved in my mind.  I rested in the peace and comfort He was with me, no matter what came next. Know God & Know Peace

Early morning Bible reading, worship lessons and lyrics of  Christian music all combined to see me through the emotional roller coaster. These small moments over time supplied the endurance and strength when life sent me spinning.

Drained, exhausted and a little queasy, I persevered and grew with both rides.  I confirmed I do not tolerate most theme park rides.  More importantly, God again demonstrated I can trust and obey Him in unwanted situations. With each passing experience, my faith grows deeper as He leads me, especially when the future is unclear.

I may not understand all of life’s sudden spins, but I do know who I can call upon in the midst of them.  Trusting and obeying Him in faith, God always provides exactly what is needed to endure life’s roller coasters.

(The COMPEL writing tip I used here was  creating an interesting hook in the lead  to  create interest/intrigue to read on. I enjoyed the roller coaster of writing this for you!)

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12 thoughts on “Get Me off this Ride!”

  1. Oh, how I can relate. The ride of emotions can sweep me off my feet – and not in a good way – if I don’t get a hold of my Bible quickly. I think the greatest lesson God has taught me in parenting (now teens) is that I am NOT in control. Dedicating them to Him has been difficult, but freeing. Great post!

    • Thanks Jan, I love how God uses His word to speak directly into my life. But it’s those moments we spend listening that matter most.
      Thanks for your thoughts,

    • Thanks Brenda, I agree no more physical roller coasters for me! The real life ones-well they will keep on coming, I’m sure.

  2. Jill, great post! I love: “I may not understand all of life’s sudden spins, but I do know who I can call upon in the midst of them.” And yes you captured my attention with that first sentence! Subscribing so I can read more of your words!

  3. Jill,

    You are a gifted writer. I was drawn in from the beginning and your rollercoaster analogy was spot on. I often think of being on a coaster during emotional highs and lows and it is my Maker who grounds me in His love and truth and keeps me comforted on the ride.

    So grateful to have connected with you via #livefree. I’ll be back to your blog. Love it.


    • Thanks Heather! I agree wholeheartedly, only God can give us that peace that surpasses understanding!
      Blessings on this wonderful day,

  4. Jill – what a great analogy between a theme park and real life. I really liked the comparison between the lap bar on the ride keeping us safe and God’s Word keeping us safe in real life. So true!!

    • Thanks Glynnis, I appreciate your feedback. God has been my safety bar many a time, I loved to write it. I am glad you enjoyed it.
      Thanks again!

  5. Great hook and comparison of theme park ride to life’s situations. Great verbs describing the ride and life. Enjoyed your writing and can relate to trusting God when it is difficult and unexpected.

    • Thanks Pat for your thoughts, I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment on my writing. I’m glad your enjoyed it and look forward to writing more and connecting more!


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