Looking Up

I remember the pain and pressure building until pop-relief! Multiple ear infections with broken eardrums as a girl have left me with an “inner ear imbalance” per my 1970’s pediatrician. Essentially, I get dizzy very easily. Ear infections behind me, I still despise somersaults and spinning. And still have bouts of dizziness. For days, weeks or even months, I get dizzy every time I lower my head. The easiest solution: just look up.

Looking up focuses my attention on one spot to control the spinning. This is a great tip I’d often share with my patients, especially when walking after surgery. Looking up focuses on moving forward and where we’re going instead of where we are. The same can be said for this life.

Walking for exercise, I often find myself looking down at the ground. When I catch myself doing this, dizzy or not, I have begun to consciously look up. Suddenly, the vivid colors of changing leaves and delicate swirls of clouds envelope me. I regroup, relax, and refocus on enjoying the walk–all by looking up.

I do the same thing when faced with problems or a less desirable task that needs to get done. I “put my head down and get it done”. While not always enjoyable, it helps me power through an unpleasant task. But is this how I want to go through life-with my head down, getting things done but not enjoying the walk?

In Psalm 34:5 David described it this way: “Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy”.looking up

Great description of the life I desire: looking up to the only One who can direct me and make me “radiant with joy”! Too often, I take things for granted when life feels like it’s spinning. I’m so busy with my head down trying to get things done that I miss appreciating the beauty around me.

Jesus didn’t die for me to live this life with my head down.

Now, whenever I notice my head down, I switch to looking up.  It slows the spinning world.  Looking up to God for help provides restoration of balance and peace. Looking up, He leads me forward and gives me the joy David described. He adjusts my focus to where I’m going and not where I am.

Won’t you join me? Let’s look up, move forward with God’s help and radiate His joy!

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