Mindful Magnificence

The brilliant orange of an autumn leaf, the surprising look on my laughing daughter’s face and my limited abilities-these are some things I noticed while being mindful this week. Being mindful of all things around me while also being present to experience them as discussed in last Wednesday’s post (Look Up & Pay Attention) is not an easy task.  It is worth the time and effort, however.

Being mindful is paying attention to what matters, to the mundane-think laundry-and also to the special moments we all have each day. Maybe it’s understanding someone or something better or seeing something everyday in a new way as I did with the autumn colors.  And maybe it’s being mindful of God’s presence prompting me to see the brilliant in everyday life.Be Mindful-leaves

While being mindful this week, a few things stood out and have taught me some important lessons and truths. I am mindful of how:

  • Time does not stand still-each day passes whether I’m paying attention or not. My children are growing up and will continue to do so whether I’m paying attention to them or my to-do list. Lesson:  Be present for life’s little moments.
  • The world and people around me are truly beautiful. The beauty of God’s creation is there for us to capture each day so stop and literally smell the roses, the air, or a child’s face. See and feel everything around you. Lesson:  There is a reason God gave us five different senses-use them all to be present and remember.
  • I will need lots of patience with myself and I will not be able to do things the way I want after my knee surgery. Lesson: Allow others to help, be patient, and persevere.
  • Times change, we all grow older and sometimes I pay attention and other times I don’t. But what remains constant is God. He never leaves me, is always present. He is and was and is to come. Lesson: Fixing me eyes on God and all He has for me is where I need to focus.

A great song about focusing on God is Fix My Eyes by For King and Country–add it to your Wellness Journey playlist! It reminds me to do just that-fix my eyes on Him.  When I focus on God, I know He’s in control.  I am then free to be mindful in each moment, knowing He is directing my path.

At MemoryMinders I encourage those I serve to look around and pay attention to remember more. But it’s also about seeing and experiencing all that life has to offer.  I believe God has wonderful things for all of us to see, do and be present for.  We just need to be mindful everyday of what’s in front of us.

All this mindfulness can be exhausting and takes time and effort. But it’s time well spent seeing the people and world around us in a new and different way.  Give it a try-be mindful of everything, everyone and all that God has for you today.  It is well worth your time.

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