Peace in Us

Peace is one of the most elusive yet desired states of being. Whether we realize it or not, peace is something for which we all search. Why do we crave comfort and familiar?  Because it feels peaceful. Why do we play to our strengths?  Because it feels comfortable and thus peaceful. I’m here to remind you: God grants us peace even in the uncomfortable. He meets us in the hard places, when we feel the least peace, with His peace.

His peace is different from all other peace. His is the peace that surpasses all understanding. His is the peace that quietly comforts in the shadow of His wings. His is the peace that carries us through the unimaginable with strength not our own.

Peace on earth starts with peace in us. Where are you finding peace this Christmas? Join Jill Hoven for an Advent Bible Study on Jesus, the Light of the World.This time of year we sing of peace on earth. We all hope for this but peace on earth starts with peace in us.

When all is well on the  inside: mentally, physically and spiritually, we can be peaceful on the outside. But honestly when are we ever fully well or at peace in all three of those areas simultaneously? However difficult, I believe it’s possible.

We can be well in body, mind and soul no matter our circumstance. I have found this peace and its a feeling like none other.

It begins with the Reason for the Season. Think of Jesus coming to Earth. Talk about moving from comfortable into unfamiliar! Think of Mary and Joseph and their less than peaceful path.  Jesus stepped out of His comfort zone to save us from our sinful selves. In the process, He gave us His peace.  His ever-present reminder is when we trust in & follow Him, His peace is ours.

I understand this on a cerebral level, yet I still choose my worry, anxiety or frustration. I don’t accept the gift of His peace when it’s right there in front of me. Instead, I plod along with my plan instead of His. But ahh…when I step out of my own way and follow His, I find the most peace: His peace.

God calls all of us in one way or another. I used to think only our pastors, missionaries or teachers got “called”. Not the case. God calls me and you too. It’s our job to pay attention to what He’s calling us to. It may not easy and may take a few tries to find our true calling. But the process of trying and following is part of the call. They are all steps on a path. His path for each of us.

When you begin to follow, while uncomfortable, the peace begins to flow. It feels like it’s not our strength this following. It’s not easy and not everyone will appreciate what we are doing. But it all comes back to our Maker.

Join Jill Hoven for an Advent Bible Study on Jesus, The Light of the World.

God created us, has a plan for us and calls us to it. As we seek and begin to follow, He illuminates His path and gives us peace. It doesn’t matter if we are happily cruising along or in the worst moments of our life. His peace is there.

Stay connected to Him.  Keep seeking and following.

Allow His peace to seep into your soul, mind and body as you find your path, even if difficult. Then you can truly be at peace, no matter your circumstance.

As you may have already guessed, wellness in body, mind and soul is what I believe God is calling me to. If you desire peace and want to learn how God’s path intersects with wellness, add your email in the blue box here on the blog to receive my weekly Thursday Thoughts and you will also receive a copy of my Advent study, Light of the World. I would love for you to join me.

May your Christmas season be filled with joy, love and peace! Let the true Reason for the Season shine as you follow His peace.

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