Pruning Love

It’s much harder when it’s your own people, says the TV nurse as I silently nod my agreement. Any health professional or parent will tell you it’s one thing to do or go through something difficult ourselves. It’s much more grueling watching loved ones struggle. This must be how God feels about us in difficult situations.  After all, we’re His people.

I believe God uses life events and situations to teach us.  Most parents understand sometimes we have to allow our children to experience something firsthand to truly comprehend. God could just tell us what to do and He does in many instances. But I know my deeper appreciation and understanding of Him and His truth has often come through struggle.

It’s similar to explanations of the best way to do something to our children. Often they don’t want to do it how or when we ask.  They resist, get mad, or do it their way. But in certain situations, we hold fast, firm in our convictions.  We disperse tough love. While meant to be tough on them, so many times, it’s tougher on us.  If it’s this rough for us, think of how challenging it is for God to watch us struggle.

This week, roses were given in love to many for Valentine’s Day. The most beautiful roses come from a loving gardener who prunes. God’s tough love is sometimes pruning love.  No one enjoys cutting the beautiful rose bush back, especially after nurturing its growth.  But a good gardener knows if left unpruned, the bush will grow every which way.  Its growth will take the path of least resistance,  even if that’s not best for the overall plant.

As our Good Gardener, God’s pruning leads us to grow in the best possible direction.[tweetthis]God’s pruning #love allows us to grow in the best direction #Faith [/tweetthis]

He’s pruning us to be even more beautiful and strong.  He’s leading us to His way, not the easy way. God allows things to happen so we can grow in wisdom, understanding and potentially help someone else later. It’s often part of His plan, which we begin to understand when we seek Him.

The pruning times of life may be difficult. But I know my God is a good gardener.  He won’t let us grow in the wrong direction.  As His people, He’ll be with us, guide us and allow the proper pruning to set us on His path. This isn’t tough love, it’s God’s love.

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. ~1 Corinthians 13:7 (NLT)

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5 thoughts on “Pruning Love”

  1. Oh, how I love this!! For some time now (well, all my life, but I didn’t realize it…), God has been pruning me and refining me. And it HURTS. It breaks me to do it with my children, but I know I must. Thank you for beautiful illustration of the rose. You can’t have the beautiful rose without a thorn here and there! Well done, my #livefree sister…


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