Refresh The Focus: Stay at Home Tips for Soul, Mind, & Body

“In this time of uncertainty”…this phrase is on a loop lately from businesses announcing closures, people trying to help, and leaders all over the world. It’s true, we are in uncertain times, but honestly, when haven’t we been? It’s time to refresh the focus.

Has the future ever been predictable? We guess at behavior and actions based on previous patterns, but the only one who truly knows what’s next is God. That’s incredibly important to remember. We don’t know what will come, but God does and His plans for us are good.

Nothing surprises God. He knows the future and if/when bad things happen, another truth remains: He is with us. So let’s refresh and shift our focus to what we can control-our own actions and wellness.

Here are some tips to refresh the focus of our souls, minds, and bodies for this uncertain (or any) time:

Refresh your Soul

  • Pray. This is our first and best action against things of this world. Let’s pray to our God who is in control, knows what we need, and what we should do. Pray for:
    • Those caring for and facing this pandemic directly, local and national leaders, spiritual leaders, and those searching for medical breakthroughs. Pray for wisdom and discernment not only for them, but all of us.
    • The opportunity, ability, and willingness to reach others with God’s love and salvation in this time.
    • How to be productive and help others, now and in the future.
    • Keep praying, and keep seeking God’s path for you and yours in this time. (If you are looking for ways to begin or refresh your God Time, I’ve reduced the price of my course Begin a Daily God Time even more during this time to help. Check it out here.)
  • Seek God and His wisdom. If we need wisdom, we simply need to ask. Let’s seek Him in prayer before we open our Bibles. Ask God to help us understand Him and His path for us. Search for godly leaders to help us comprehend, making sure their teaching aligns with God’s Words in the Bible.
  • Connect with God’s people. It may be virtual, but let’s worship, do Bible studies, encourage others who love God, and help those in need. Keep those connections to God and His people strong.

Engage your Mind

Yes, it’s important to pay attention to valid news reports and rapidly changing information but know when to say when. Engaging our minds elsewhere will strengthen it and allow us to make wise choices in uncertain times. Do this in new ways like:

  • Set your Mind. Mindset matters. It sets the tone and focuses our actions. Let’s remind ourselves Who is in control and focus on what we can control-our own thoughts and actions. Make them realistic, positive, helpful, and kind. Always.
  • Take inventory of your freezer, frig, and pantry. Like me, you have more than you think which will assist in making wise decisions on utilizing food now and in the future.
  • Be creative and smart with menu planning. Use food resources well, make it into a fun activity, and try or create new recipes!
  • Get organized. How many of us have organized drawers or closets already? It’s a great time to get organized, purge the unwanted, donate, and help others.
  • Play. Whether it’s board games, puzzles, or non-contact games outside, let’s find ways to have fun!
  • Read aloud. We may be reading more but reading aloud takes our brain to another level of engagement. Try it, you’ll see it’s not as simple as we think, plus it’s fun to do together!
  • Maintain friend and family ties remotely. Give elderly or at-risk people a phone call, video chat with friends and family, and keep those connections strong. Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t interact with each other. We just need to be creative and do it differently.

Protect your Body 

Basic hygiene is more important than ever. Social distancing matters for us and especially the most vulnerable. It can’t be overstated; we spread this virus without realizing it. Keep your distances, wash your hands, and stay home. Other ways to protect your body:

  • Maintain your fitness. Our gym or exercise classes may be closed, but that doesn’t mean we should skip our workouts. Go for a walk or run. Use the stairs. Do some yoga and/or weight training. Walk the dog. Don’t overdo it or cause injury but let’s be creative and keep up our fitness.
  • Eat healthy with menu plans. Stretch fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods to enjoy every day. Don’t overeat or binge junk food just because we’re at home. Be diligent in eating habits.
  • Get outside. Fresh air and sunshine works wonders. As we are able, let’s head outdoors at least a few minutes daily, while maintaining social distances.

I pray these tips help refresh the focus of our souls, minds and bodies to positive action. If you’re a parent with children at home: pray, practice patience, and teach them these tips too. We needn’t worry, we’ve always lived in uncertainty. Let’s instead rely on the One thing that is certain-our God and His love for us.

God is with us, never leaves us, and directs us when we seek Him. Let’s wisely seek and follow Him, using the wisdom He gives to weather even this storm of life.

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6 thoughts on “Refresh The Focus: Stay at Home Tips for Soul, Mind, & Body”

  1. Great tips, Jill! I especially like the idea of reading aloud. I do that with my daily Bible reading, but have not really tried it with books in general. I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for these! Stay safe!

  2. This line gripped me: “the only one who truly knows what’s next is God.” Amen! He knew this would be our reality and he promises to be with us. I try to get outside daily for a walk and I do workouts at home. Thanks for the great tips.

  3. Great suggestions, Jill. I am so glad we have this faith community here to connect with. I even found a website where you can play board and card games remotely with friends and family. We had a fun game of “Oh, heck!” with my son and daughter-in-law last night from 3000 miles away! 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie-how fun! I feel like this time will engage our curiosity and connection in such different and powerful ways.


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