Resolve to Be Well

Did you make any resolutions for 2015?  If so, how many had to do with being healthier this year? For those of us striving to be healthier in 2015, I am challenging all of us to be well not only in body, but also in mind  and soul.

“What does mind and soul wellness have to do with trying to lose those holiday indulgence pounds?”, you may be thinking.  Plenty.

All the choices we make in life, including eating the donut or granola and exercising or not start in your mind.  Our thoughts determine our actions and impact our soul wellness, too.  Our daily choices on wellness stem from our mind and soul.wellness choices mind & soul

I truly believe I can be well no matter my circumstance.  It’s a choice and  a journey.  Being well one day doesn’t mean you are well for the rest of your life.  It’s about daily choices.  Those daily choices start in your mind.  Having a healthy and well mind then leads to healthy and well choices for your body.

So how well are you?  As noted at the beginning of our Fall Wellness Journey last September, we ask each other all the time “how are you?”.  I choose to say “I am well” in reply.  No only does it remind me that for the most part, life is good, but it also is a reminder that wellness is a choice.

How and what we think determines our choices, actions and what we remember.  When we choose to say “I am well”, even in the midst of stress or chaos, it’s an attempt at choosing to see the glass as half full and see each day as a gift.

Seeing each day as a gift we are given is a great way to live.  We will never have this day again. How will we choose to live it-being well or being overwhelmed?  It’s a choice we all make everyday.

When assessing our own personal wellness, I believe it must start in our soul.  This begins with knowing myself and where I’m going at the end of this life.  I have a peace in my soul that surpasses all understanding.  It is well in my soul, so when the rest of life is becomes out of balance, I hold fast to my soul wellness and regroup.

I come back to my choices.  I look at what I’m saying yes and no to in life.  My life is unique to me and so is my wellness.  So making wellness choices has to come from my priorities.  No one can choose those priorities for me.  Love for God, my family and friends and making a difference in the lives of those in my life are my priorities.  My choices then stem from these priorities.

So this year, I am resolving to Be Well.  Well in my soul, mind and body.  They all work together to make choices about my wellness each day. I am continuing on this wellness journey and I hope you will join me.  Together, let’s choose to follow our own unique paths to wellness in 2015.

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