Ride His Wave

I sense it before I see it. Building beyond, suddenly the swell swiftly lifts me. If I fight, it tosses me every which way. But if I let go and ride the wave, pure joy abounds.

Bodysurfing ocean waves with my daughter reminds me. I want to teach her (and remind myself) not only about the majesty of the wave, but to feel the unadulterated joy of letting go, of being part of something big we cannot control.

True confession: I like being in control; I’m comforted by being in charge. (This is probably not a surprise to those who know me.) Even if I sense the need to release, at times I still fight it. Letting go can be scary, unknown, and unpredictable. Releasing our grip allows variables into a proven equation. Yet this is what we are called to do as we follow His footprints: let go and trust.How to let go and ride the wave of God's will for your life by Jill Hoven at followhisfootprints.org.

Jesus let go.  He trusted His Father to lead Him into the unfathomable place of our sin. He relinquished control and because of His surrender, we now have unending joy and life. I want to let go, to emulate Jesus and trust, but it rubs across the grain of my nature.

In reality, my grip on control is merely a vapor. Nothing truly is in my control. What I say, do and plan are mine, but it all stems from Him. My body reflects my mind, which is rooted in my soul. My soul is entrusted to Him, thus all my thoughts and deeds should reflect His purpose and will for me.

Yet sometimes they don’t.

Often, I believe my great idea or plan is exactly what should happen. I state my case and pray for direction. But honestly, I just want God to bless my plan, not really follow His. I know His ways are higher, but it’s not always what I want when I want it. Cue the toddler/teenage-like tantrum here. When the sand settles, I see it.

In seeking my will, I’m often fighting His. [tweetthis]In seeking my own will, I’m often fighting His. #Faith #Trust[/tweetthis]

To fully experience the joyful abandon of riding a wave, we must let go. We cannot keep our feet in the sand AND ride the wave; it’s impossible. I’ve learned joy stems from trust. But letting go feels risky to my logical, dominant left brain. So I take baby steps toward complete trust. As in the ocean, confidence is gained with smaller waves of surrender.

Surrendering to Him, even in the small, fills me simultaneously with exhilaration and anxiety. While uncomfortable, the joyful abandon of riding the wave He has for me is unlike any other sensation. When clinging to control, confusion confounds. But when surrendering to His will, pure peace pervades.

Like a far off wave, I sense something big approaching. God will sweep me off my feet. Will I relinquish control and ride His wave? I hope so. I want His inexplicable peace and joy even in the big, unpredictable, and unknown. I can trust Him and no, it’s not logical.

It’s faith.

The faith I long for and wish to share with my children and others is rooted in His wisdom and truth, not my logical reasoning. It’s trusting without understanding.

So I wait and expect. I pray and practice releasing the small while anticipating the big. Won’t you join me? Let’s let go of control and ride the wave of His will in our lives. Instead of digging our feet into the sand, let’s trust the majesty of God’s will to take us wherever and however He has planned. I sense it’ll be a great ride.

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10 thoughts on “Ride His Wave”

  1. Jill what a great sticky-statement: “We cannot keep our feet in the sand and ride the wave.” — Gonna write that one down, so don’t be surprised if you see yourself quoted somewhere in future years. (Citing you, of course.) 🙂 — Great word this morning, friend. — Excited with you about the “something big” that’s approaching. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to let go and let Him direct the waves where He wants them. (It’s always better in the end that way, anyway!) Thank you for sharing, my friend. ((xoxo))

    • Thanks Brenda for your kind words and feel free to share and quote away! His way is ALWAYS better! Yes, we shall see what waves God sends my way!

  2. You gave me chills here, Jill! I’ve been feeling on the brink of God’s big lately, too! But oh, my logical side wants to what if it right into eternity or oblivion. I’ll join you in praying for the power to let go and ride the wave! Oh, and this so is giving me courage lately, too. Perhaps it will speak to you, too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGDVlOKoOoE Blessings, friend!

    • Thanks Liz-what a blessing it is to sense God’s presence moving in our lives, for good or maybe not always what we want. But the beauty is He never leaves, He’s always with us whether that wave is big and scary or mild and fun. Blessings as you seek His big plans for you, my friend. So happy the words He gave me spoke to your heart.

  3. I’m a control queen myself, Jill, and recently God’s called me to do something that I have little control over. He’s calling me to be faithful and leave results to Him. (In several areas of my life and in several relationships.) It’s hard to relinquish that control. Thanks for your words today.

    • You’re welcome Betsy and from one control queen to another, it can be hard to let go and let God! But His way is always better! Let’s persevere together! Thanks for your encouragement!

  4. “In seeking my will, I’m often fighting His.”

    I get so stuck on the details of life and how I want to live it etc, when ultimately our call as believers is simple, but hard. To be about the Gospel in all areas of life because the Gospel is in us. Instead, I get stuck wrestling a WAVE!! lol Good reminders, friend!


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