Rising Well

In a culture of me, it is refreshing to see people rising well for others. Whether it’s an everyday action, giving of oneself, or using our gifts for another’s benefit, taking ourselves out of the equation to act for others causes all to rise. But even better is when we rise in response to Someone greater than ourselves, which only comes with faith and trust. This is truly rising well.

In sports, much discussion is given to talent, equipment, and drive when rising for an occasion or event. In business, it’s power, position, and/or financial ability. In the creative world, one’s gift, expression, or innate sense of style is key. But rising in this world means different things to different people.

As a nurse, my goal is to help others become healthier and progress toward wellness. But that is not always possible. In some situations, success is increased comfort, understanding, or simply being present. It doesn’t always make sense or match our original goal. In health care and other areas of life, we must trust what we don’t always understand.

But trusting something in this world isn’t as powerful as trusting the One who created this world. This makes all the difference. With faith in our Creator, we relax knowing we rise when and how He wants. We strive toward our best, but also look for opportunities and others to bring along. Our faith leads us to understand we don’t act alone or only for our glory. We act with and live for Him. Most importantly, we rest in His timing and purpose.

Trust to Rise Well

Trusting in God leads us to people and situations we may not otherwise encounter. He leads us through unknown circumstances with confidence. This confidence does not come only from our efforts. It is rooted in the One who carries us through the difficult, uncomfortable, unthinkable, or grief laden. We rise knowing we’re being buoyed by God who knows us better than we know ourselves.

Then, we take this God-given confidence to cheer others, bring them along, and encourage their trust in our God, too. We share, lead, love, and give, all because He did the same with us first. Yes, it’s about rising to the occasion, but not by our own power and never alone. He’s with us, and when we take others with us, they see Him too. They see His power working in us, leading, loving, and giving us all we need, exactly when we need it.

What a powerful witness we can be to the world if we choose to rise together! It’s not enough to simply be grateful for our gifts and blessings. Let’s share and use them to encourage someone in need of what He’s given us. God presents these occasions to us every day. So, let’s open our eyes, grab someone’s hand, and rise well together.

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