Stop Pushing & Just Follow

“I can run to the end of the road,” I think, challenging myself. But each stride delivers a nagging throb in my calf screaming “stop!”  “I can’t; need to keep going; push on”, I convince myself.  Throughout the day, its aching presence reminds why I don’t like to run, but also how I push too much.

Ironically, our latest two week wellness goal has the word Sprint in its title.  I named it the Wellness Sprint to Summer to encourage one last burst of wellness before summer.  We all enjoy a more relaxed pace in summer.  We’ll figuratively sprint there and then relax was the idea.  But my Wellness Sprint has not had much literal sprinting.

My personal challenge to exercise each day was achieved.  I even tried to run as noted above.  Listening to my body however, has led me to a deeper question.  Why do I sometimes push too much?

I push for numerous reasons.  With running, it was part of my knee rehab.  Then I ran for an expedient workout.  Then I ran to see if the pain was still there.  Maybe I should just listen intently to my body and not run.

I push in life as well.  I have a plan I know will work.  It’s logical, what I want or seems like the best solution to a problem.  But then it isn’t.  For whatever reason, it doesn’t work.  Nonetheless, I keep pushing; trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Like the running and pain in my calf, I just don’t listen.

Reflecting on this recently, I have found many people, including myself, believe life will be easier if I do things the way I want.  If life goes my way and people go along with my plan; all will be well.

But after calf throbbing and plans that never materialize, I realize: maybe it’s not all about what I want.  Maybe it’s about what God wants for me.

When I choose the more difficult thing, let go of my wants and follow Him, it’s an amazing place to be.  I learn, grow and go places literally and figuratively I could never do on my own.  But occasionally, I fall back into following my desires. Forging on with my plan typically doesn’t work or when it does, feels empty. Following Him is far better, but often more challenging.

Exercising, I just wanted to finish strong.  Run up the hill; push harder; be stronger.

But I couldn’t.  Not with my screaming calf.  I was forced to slow down.  Slowing down, I appreciated the world around me more.  I looked up, enjoyed the beauty and was reminded of my blessings.  My mind and heart were open to hear, listen and follow.

Following Him, sometimes even without understanding, I experience His peace and an amazement I have previously never known.

I love when God gently reminds me how much greater it is to follow Him.

Sometimes it just takes screaming calf pain to do it.

I pray your Wellness Sprint to Summer was an encouraging and educational journey like mine.  Did you learn, were revitalized or experience a new awareness about yourself or your wellness?  Share with a comment here or on social media-I’d love to hear about it and encourage you!

May you be blessed with a summer of joy, peace, relaxation and wellness following Him. Stay tuned for continuing wellness posts and thoughts throughout the summer.  Follow on Facebook or twitter for even more encouragement and Be Well!

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” ~ John 8:12, NLTFollow me


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