How to Lighten our Grip

Let me know.  I ask, text and email this phrase as my mind whirls with plans.  God created me with an organization gene.  I consider it one of my gifts.  But I’m learning I cannot plan and control everything.  Collaboration is necessary.  So I organize then ask others to ‘let me know’ their input, decisions …

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How to Be Salty

Jesus told his disciples (and us) to have qualities of salt. Join Jill Hoven to learn 3 ways to be salty like Jesus at

Ever wonder how to be salty? Keep reading… Subtle sweetness entices the tip of my tongue.  Contrasting saline taste and crunchy texture mingle with a slightly bitter smokiness as it moves through my mouth.  The beautifully complex taste of a salted dark chocolate covered caramel is one of the sweet things of life.  It’s wildly …

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Love Like Jesus

Delivering cookies or treats, searching for a special gift for that certain someone and spending time with people we care about are examples of how we show our love, especially this time of year.  While we feel numerous kinds of love for others and things in this world, only One person embodies a love that expects …

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