Love Like Jesus

Delivering cookies or treats, searching for a special gift for that certain someone and spending time with people we care about are examples of how we show our love, especially this time of year.  While we feel numerous kinds of love for others and things in this world, only One person embodies a love that expects …

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Who we Follow

We all understand peer pressure.  People, especially teens and young adults can get caught up in following the crowd or the wrong people with devastating results.  As parents, we educate and warn our children about it. But it never goes away.  Who we follow matters. On social media we follow people, companies and groups.  We …

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We are What We Eat!

I know my body and brain are what I eat.  So, I am continuing from last Friday’s post in sharing some food related tips I feel have helped my overall wellness in mind and body.   Eating my veggies first-Did you know that ½ of our plates should be fruit and vegetables at each meal? …

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Out of my Rut

I’m in a rut. While enjoying some different foods from others helping me out this week, it has made me think of how I get stuck in ruts of eating the same things over and over.

Realizing this rut and then reading cooking magazines and watching foods shows all week, I’ve decided to keep trying some new foods & recipes-want to join me?  Each month I’ll highlight a new recipe (or two) I’ve tried that is healthy and appeals to more than just me-ideally the family. For me it doesn’t work unless there’s some consensus in the family.

We are on a wellness journey together, so let’s keep it healthy and with minimal ingredients!  I love reading cookbooks with intricate recipes, but in reality those occur once or twice a year for me-so simple and healthy is more realistic for everyday.

You have the Wellness Granola and the Wellness Journey Snack Mix recipes, so how about we start with a healthy, simple and interesting entrée?

Submit your recipes or chime in with ideas and next month I’ll highlight one or more that fit into our wellness vibe.  Comment here at the end of the post, email me at  or join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter.  What fun-each month we’ll get a new recipe (or more depending on how ambitious we all are) to try and keep us out of our ruts!

 get out of a rut

Today and next Friday I’ll share some little things I’ve changed in my diet. I think these have made a difference in my overall mind and body health:  this week-beverages.

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I am God’s Messenger?

Stephan’s Spirit-led response to the accusing Sanhedrin Council in Acts 7 inspired me.  I prayed for boldness in sharing my faith like God’s messengers in the Bible.  Then I thought, “I’m not God’s messenger!  I’m not a prophet, teacher or called leader in the church.”  Mid-prayer, self-doubt slithered in. Gratefully, God gently broke into my …

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