The Beauty of a Pause

I usually move fast. I walk fast, like to keep moving and get annoyed when others don’t share my quick pace. But when people I love need me to slow down, I’m learning to take heed, pause, breathe, smell the roses and pay attention more closely. I’m learning to slow my pace and appreciate the beauty of a pause.

This isn’t my comfort zone. I enjoy plowing through, getting things done and always planning the future. My forward momentum serves me well in most instances but sometimes events, people and even God cause me to rethink my approach. This has happened a number of times over the last year and especially over the last month. It’s why I chose #PresentPresence as my word(s) for 2018. It’s what also caused me to take a month long break from writing and other aspects of my life recently.

I’ve learned in the forced and unforced pauses of life that looking back and looking forward are both beneficial. I loved Sylvia’s words on this topic a few weeks ago. I also truly appreciate how God taught me through the very people He sent to help me on the blog this last month! Thanks Gretchen for reminding us about the joy that pleases God, Kasey for helping us see how to listen for our resolutions and Kristine for reminding us when we bow our hearts to God, we find more of ourselves. Just more examples of God’s provision I’m learning about in the pause.

Another way I’d like to learn is how I can better serve you, the reader of the words in this space. I so appreciate your  precious moments to open an email, read these words and/or engage with me on social media. I want to honor God and you by incorporating some of your feedback into what I write and share here in 2018. To that end, I’d love for you to help me by completing a brief survey providing your insight into what we share together. Please click on the link below to complete the short survey and help guide our journey as we continue to Follow His Footprints in 2018.

Follow His Footprints Survey 

I look forward to your input and God’s guidance for this next year. As always, the days to come will be full of joyful and not so joyful moments. But I’ll apply what God helped me learn about joy last year as I come out of a pause and gear up for a fast paced year. I look forward to sharing the journey with you as we all Follow Him.

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4 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Pause”

  1. Just took your survey. (Fwiw, I could-a checked all the boxes and been happy. 🙂 I always appreciate this little corner of the internet.) ((Hug)) So glad you’re taking time to evaluate where He’s leading and sitting in the pause some. That’s a hard thing to do. ♥

    • Thanks Brenda-Learning this little corner of the internet is not all about me, but how I can serve and follow better. Thanks for your feedback, my friend! 🙂

  2. Glad you’re taking a pause, friend! I just listened to The Next Right Thing podcast and Emily talked about embracing the PRESENCE of Jesus. Staying near to a Person today, instead of scrambling to try to figure out His Plan. So good.


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