Two for One

I love a great deal-like getting two for one.  You may know I had some knee surgery this week.  I had been preparing for it for a while and was actually quite busy right up until the night before.  That night it hit me how life would change in the next days, weeks and months, but I was so tired, I just crashed into bed.

Crawling into bed, I prayed that all would go well according to God’s plan for me: the surgery, the recovery and the logistics of all of the above on my family.  I gave it to God and left it with Him.  That in itself was an accomplishment!  I casted my cares and left it with Him, instead of worrying about it some more.

When God gives us His grace and the wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus, we get so much more in return.  We also receive His peace.  It’s like the two for one deal I love.  Not only do I get the gift of salvation, I also receive His peace here on earth. He’s taken care of both of my worlds. So there is absolutely nothing to be nervous or worried about.grace w peace deal

A few years ago, my worried self would have been a wreck going into the surgery with the long recovery and all the what if’s that could happen. But I wasn’t. My soul is well so I knew whatever happened, God had me covered.  I knew He’d be with me, no matter the outcome.  I know he’s still with me each and every day.

A friend of mine recently had some major surgery.  Hers was way scarier with more possible complications and implications on her life than mine.  Thankfully, it all worked out well and she’s on the mend.  She shared with me that with this surgery, she had a peace that previously she didn’t have.  She knew it was all Jesus.

She knew where her strength and peace was coming from. It was well in her soul.  And it showed.  She has a peace about her that has been growing over the last few years.  And it’s all God.  She is living and showing that peace to all those around her.  She is shining her light through her most difficult moment.

I am amazed at how peaceful I’ve been this week. I’ve let things go (for the most part) and am focusing on what I need to do to get stronger.  My friend is doing the same, knowing we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  Our souls are well and the rest is covered by our God who loves us.  He demonstrates His love through family and friends that care and help.

Thank you to all my family and friends who are God’s hands and feet.  Thank you for shining your lights to all those around you. Most importantly, thanks to God for the best two for one gift possible-grace with the added bonus of peace. That’s a deal I’ll take every time.

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