We are What We Eat!

I know my body and brain are what I eat.  So, I am continuing from last Friday’s post in sharing some food related tips I feel have helped my overall wellness in mind and body.  We are what we eat

  1. Eating my veggies first-Did you know that ½ of our plates should be fruit and vegetables at each meal? Yes it’s true! Half my plate is a visual way to remember to get all the fruits and veggies in each day. When I start with the veggies, I fill up on them with less room for the higher fat and calories on the rest of the plate. A few bites of veggies first gets me started well with each meal.
  2. Eat fruit & veggies with every meal-Sometimes I even try to do two or more with each meal.  I can eat fruit all day long, veggies not so much.  Hence the reason I start with them and why I try to space them out with all meals and/or snacks.
  3. Add-ins to recipes and baked goods-I love to cook and bake and hope to do more of it.  I often add fruits, veggies and/or additional whole grains to recipes and baked goods.  For baked items, I’ll sub in some whole grain flour for regular, or add some wheat germ or flax.  You may need to adjust recipes a little, but typically adding in or subbing out can happen without changing the recipe too much-except for the additional nutritional value.  I also add in additional fruits and veggies to recipes, salads and main dishes.  I imagine recipes as a guide for creativity!
  4. A little bite of something sweet at the end of a meal is ok.  Typically at end of dinner and sometimes lunch, I’ll have just a bite (or two) or something sweet.  It works for me, but for others it’s too much of a temptation.  If it’s just a bite or two and you are eating a balanced diet and exercising, it shouldn’t be an issue.  I’m better at doing one or two bites than I am at depriving myself of sweets altogether.  Depriving myself can turn into eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies!
  5. Every once in a while, I try something I don’t like.  I never liked fish and although it’s not my favorite, I now really enjoy certain types of fish-the brain healthy ones-salmon, tuna etc.  It’s also true for Brussel sprouts-used to hate them but I roast them in the oven with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and now I really like them.  Our tastes change with time.  Maybe it’s time to try something again for the first time or in a different preparation-especially if it’s healthy and good for you!
  6. Mainly Whole grains-For my kids, white bread is a treat.  They have always eaten whole grain bread.  Occasionally we get yummy sourdough or another bakery white bread, but everyday bread is typically a whole grain kind.  There are so many options, find one that you enjoy and it will benefit you as long as you can tolerate gluten.  If not, there are many more options for gluten free now as well.  Whatever your grain, make it whole grain.

Continue to send in your go-to easy and healthy entrée recipes as requested last week. I’ll highlight one or two in the next few weeks.

Eat healthy and be well!

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