Wellness Sprint to Summer

“Slip, slidin’ away”…the lyrics to the ‘70’s song by Paul Simon echoed in my head.  I’m dating myself, but the words succinctly described my thoughts after an emotional roller coaster last week.  Sliding towards excuses rather than choices, I could feel wellness strides previously gained were slip, slidin’ away. So I decided to choose and not excuse.

Spinning through last week, it was clear I had to make positive choices or excuses became effortless.  Burdened with emotional stress, I didn’t exercise.  All week. There was a valid physical reason to abstain for a day or two, but not the whole week.  I just kept finding excuses.

I knew I had to exercise Monday.  Afterwards, I felt exhilarated.  Understanding I should doesn’t always correlate to making the choice. Excuses get in the way.

“Choose to have a good day!” I encouragingly call as the kids rush to school.  It’s my go-to words of wisdom especially on less than good mornings.   I don’t want the rocky moments that began the day to follow them. I encourage them to choose the good, rather than linger on the bad.

The same holds true for our wellness.  We need to choose the good or the bad could lead us down a slippery slope of excuses.  Slipping is close to my heart these days.  All winter long, I was extremely aware not to slip in the snow or ice after my knee surgery. Now physically stronger,  I don’t want to slip into summer.  I want to sprint.

Though I loathed it, I sprinted in the last phase of knee rehab.  Whether I enjoyed it or not, the sprinting made me stronger.  And that’s what I need now.  Instead of being complacent with a medically cleared knee, I want to sprint ahead with my goals.

Addressing my slipping wellness goals, I thought, “wouldn’t it be great to sprint into summer with one good choice?”  And the Wellness Sprint to Summer was born.

18 I cried out, “I am slipping!”
    but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.
19 When doubts filled my mind,
    your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.  ~Psalm 94:18-19

Want to make one positive wellness choice that will make an impact in a short period of time?  Make one choice, no excuses and stick to something positive reagrding your wellness for two weeks-just in time for summer.  Instead of a wellness journey, it will be a quick sprint, starting today and ending May 31.  Can you do it; will you join me?

Here’s the challenge-pick one thing you’d like to improve on in terms of your wellness-body, mind or soul.  Choose how to work towards improvement and make a SMART* goal to reach in the next two weeks.

Maybe it’s a physical choice: lose 5 pounds, exercise every day, or no processed foods, etc.  Maybe it’s a mental choice: be positive in my words, pay attention or remember more.  Maybe it’s a soulful choice: be consistent in Bible reading or worship attendance, trust God and let go, be still and know Him.Wellness Sprint to Summer

Whatever your choice, make it SMART:

Specific: example-not exercise more, but exercise 30 min. each day (and schedule into your day if necessary).

Measurable: how can you track it? Make a chart or somehow measure your progress.

Attainable: is this something you can stick with each day and feel an impact in 2 weeks?

Realistic: start with a goal you can reach, you can always increase it!

Time bound:  we’ll review in two weeks or you can do it sooner.

Let choose and not excuse ourselves from being well.  Make a SMART wellness choice & no excuses on a quick sprint to summer.  Chime in by comments, email, Facebook or twitter and let’s sprint to a summer of wellness!

*Thanks to Lisa Allen for the SMART  goal reference, I have heard others, but love this one!

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2 thoughts on “Wellness Sprint to Summer”

  1. I love this, Jill! I have been a devoted exerciser for 4 years… until Dec 2014 and I just QUIT! Boo! I’ve worked out a handful of times since then, obviously on a very inconsistent basis. I KNOW I have to get back into it, not just so my clothes will begin to fit a little better but for my sanity. So, I’m with you. I’ll make time to work out at least 6 days out of the next 10. Thanks for the challenge!

    • You are welcome and thanks. We all need encouragement and it’s easier when we are in it together. You’ve made a great goal, now one foot in front of the other…Thanks for the feedback keep up the motivation towards your goal!


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