When the Bottom Drops Out

Just before you step into the clear capsule three stories above the ground, the lifeguard says “arms crossed tight across your chest like this,” making an X with her arms to demonstrate.  “Now cross your feet and enjoy the ride!”  Her smile is the last thing seen as the floor drops and you fly through slippery blind turns ending a few seconds later in a wave of water.  Sound fun?

For some, absolutely!  But for me, no thank you.  On the ground taking pictures works for me, thanks for asking.  This new type of water slide is all the rage, but to some it’s just scary. Worries overwhelm. Even if we know it’s coming, having the bottom drop and not know where you’re going is daunting, in slides or life.

Ever feel like the bottom of your world just dropped?  It’s worrisome enough when it’s anticipated:  living with a chronic condition or awaiting a life altering event.  But it’s even worse when it’s sudden: the unexpected death, job loss or unwanted medical diagnosis.  How do we manage when the floor of life opens and sends us flying down an unseen path?

What we do next is important.  If the bottom falls out what would you do? In heart pounding, stomach in our throat moments, we may not see any choices. But we always have choices and what we choose makes a difference.

We can choose to believe this world is all that matters. Or we can choose to place our trust in the One who holds this world in His hands.  I choose the latter.  When my bottom dropped out, God was there.  He’s always there. It’s our choice to see Him or not.[tweetthis]See God’s Presence and Choose Soul Wellness #SpringintoWellness[/tweetthis]Choose Soul Wellness

This is soul wellness.  It’s faith without seeing.  It’s a knowing inside that whatever happens, it’s ok.  God’s got the world in His hands.  He’s had a plan since the beginning.  He has a plan for us: a good, hopeful plan.  We usually mess with the plan.  We think we can control things of this world. While we can control some things, ultimately the big picture is up to Him.

When thinking about wellness, it’s not only about body wellness as we discussed yesterday, or mind wellness as I challenged you on Monday, but also of soul wellness.  These three components of wellness:  soul, mind and body are what we’ll explore in this challenge.  Our Thursdays will be focused on soul wellness.

So what is wellness exactly?  Many believe it’s being healthy.  At a wellness visit as it’s called now the doctor checks our numbers: weight, blood pressure, labs, etc.  But these aren’t our wellness.  They are indicators of our wellness.  A worsening memory, feeling stressed, depressed or lack of interest in life are indicators of our mind wellness.

What’s acceptable as well varies from person to person and day to day.  We all strive for those magic numbers or indicators of wellness, but it’s unrealistic.  We are all unique and so is our wellness.

If our blood pressure is high or we feel depressed, we seek out someone to help us toward better body or mind wellness.  But what about if the bottom drops?  What about when we feel an ache in our being or an uneasiness we can’t explain?  These soul wellness indicators are sometimes called a mid-life crisis, poor stress management or fear of the future.  While all apt descriptions, they speak to the bigger issue of soul wellness.

Soul wellness is the peace we do or do not have in the depths of our being.  I have a peace that surpasses all understanding thorough my faith in Jesus.  I pray you do too.  I believe we need to nurture all these elements of our wellness to truly be well.  Wellness, the ever-changing entity, will ebb and flow in our lifetime.  Wellness is a journey; a path changing daily.  This journey to wellness in soul, mind and body is what we’ll explore in the next few weeks of the Challenge.

As mentioned yesterday, I’d love for us all to make a Wellness goal in each of these areas. Yesterday I gave you my body wellness goals.  Here are my soul wellness goals:

  1. Seek Him first daily in prayer and in the Bible.  Then listen and apply what I hear and learn!
  2. Trust God more than myself; follow His plan even if/when it may not seem logical.  (This is a daily challenge for me!)

Ask yourself this, if the bottom fell out of your world, what would you do?  Who would you turn to for help?  For this Thoughtful Thursday, let’s think on our soul wellness and challenge ourselves to nurture it in the next few weeks.

Share with a comment here, on social media or just jot down your goals for yourself. Choose to pay attention to your soul wellness.  It will bless you with in explicable peace if or when the bottom ever drops out.

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20 thoughts on “When the Bottom Drops Out”

  1. Thank you for this. The bottom DID drop out for me last year when I received devastating news that forever changed my life. I’ve been on a journey of healing and trusting again, and a daily battle with fear that’s simply exhausting. I know in my heart that God has me in everything. But often I allow my mind to get twisted up with fearful thoughts about the what-ifs of life. Continuing to pray that I would recall His faithfulness whenever these feelings of fear arise. Thank you for this challenge! It’s perfectly timed for me!

    • Dear Krysten-God DOES have you in everything. Please repeat that to yourself when tempted to fear and then trust and rest in that knowledge of His provision. I will be praying for your continued healing. Let your mind direct your thoughts to His will and faithfulness, not fear of the what-ifs. So happy the challenge is timed well for you, looking forward to growing in wellness with you! Thanks for the comments and keep trusting in Him who holds you!

  2. You ask tough questions. It isn’t often others are comfortable contemplating major unexpected and unwanted life changes. But doing so before they happen is so important. Pre-deciding to let God hold us in crisis is crucial! I was once gripped by fear over losing my husband during his Army deployments. But, when I really stopped to think about life after His death, I realized I’d never be completely alone or abandoned. God would never leave me. Choosing to put God first has helped protect my heart from many hurts and anxieties! Blessings, liz

    • Thanks Liz and you are so right, God never will leave us who place our hope in Him. May you continue to rely and trust in this truth and allow God to be your heart’s protector! Thanks for your thoughts and have a blessed day!

    • Love this goal Marlene-holds true for us all! I know my peace is found in Him too, I just need to get out of my own way & seek Him!
      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amen Jill! The bottom dropped out for me almost six years ago when a massive stroke at work left my left side paralyzed at the time. Through all the hospitals, rehab, and quiet moments; God has revealed to me that His will for my life was not to be the most successful sales and marketing manager but to live for Him each and every day of my life. As He brings me through this, my faith increases and my relationship with Him grows strong. I am thankful beyond words for His love and grace. I feel my soul getting well a little bit more each day. So nice to visit herre via Crystal’s site. May God continue to richly bless you and yours as you seek to help others in their total wellness.

    • Thanks Horace visiting again and for your thoughts and ecnouragement! I’m so glad God worked in your pain to reveal Himself even more and to develop your soul wellness in and through Him. Let’s continue to always seek Him and His path for our lives!

  4. A great analogy with the water slide! I am so grateful that the times in my life when it felt like the bottom was falling out, He was there to keep me standing. And I’m with you …. down below waiting for my loved ones to descend 🙂 I think this was my first time here so … Nice to “meet” you!

    • Yes and thanks Joanne for visiting, nice to meet you too! Yes, God is always there for when the bottom falls and in the ordinary. Here’s to continued soul wellness and following Him! Hope to see you again as we Spring into Wellness!

  5. Oh no, I’m not getting on a slide like that either! But life doesn’t always ask me and so the bottom sometimes falls out anyway. Thanks for the encouragement to rest in God’s peace, even when it feels we have just jumped off a cliff. Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday!

    • Exactly! We make our plans but the Lord determines our steps! There is always peace in Jesus! Here’s to Springing into Wellness with Him! Thanks for visiting and the opportunity to link up, Holly! #TestimonyTuesday

  6. We have a great deal in common, Jill. I’m always the one taking pictures and I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near the top of that slide. We both share a passion for body, mind, and soul as well. God is definitely who I turn to when my bottom drops out, but it has taken many years for this to truly begin to be habitual.
    I love these truths: “Wellness, the ever-changing entity, will ebb and flow in our lifetime. Wellness is a journey; a path changing daily.” Thanks for those important reminders!

    • You are welcome Candace and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Here’s to wellness in soul, mind and body and God always being who we turn to!
      Have a blessed, well evening!

  7. “I have a peace that surpasses all understanding through my faith in Jesus.” Amen. Thank you so much for linking this to Open Mic Monday for the soul at Cisneros Cafe last week. I’ve been out this week due to morning sickness (which is all day), but I’m getting over the hump. Thank you, Jesus. Have a blessed day and I’m hoping to be back this coming Monday.

    • I pray you are at peace even in the midst of your ‘all day sickness’! Thanks for the thoughts and find your joy in the midst of this season-it will go by quickly! Be well, my friend!


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