Why We Need to Surrender

I love how God plants similar thoughts with different people. Last week, I noticed a friend’s post on Twitter about letting go and receiving what we truly need.  I immediately agreed as letting go is on my mind and heart this month. Her reply to me?  Surrender = freedom. Yes! Wait, really?

It’s the opposite of what we think and want. We have to hold on, clutch what is precious and not let go of what we care about, right? Not always.

Remember the saying about if you love something, set it free and if it’s meant to be it’ll return? I’ve hated that saying since I was a teen when my boyfriend referenced it to break up with me. Lovely, huh? We did find our way back to each other only to realize it truly wasn’t meant to be and amicably parted ways. But the saying always bothered me. I DO want to keep close and clutch all that’s important to me.

But that’s not how God has it planned.  Jesus taught His disciples and us:

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it. ~Matthew 10:39

To wrap up our month of letting go, it’s time to finally surrender.  In surrender we truly find the freedom Jesus died to give us.

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All the stuff, people and ideas we think are ours, really are gifts from Him. So letting go and surrendering to the One who gave it all to us is right. It frees us.

When sending my kids off without me (which happens more and more), I ask God to protect them and help me let go. As I pray, I’m surrendering them to their Heavenly Father. While it seems unfathomable, He loves them more than I do. In surrendering them to Him, it frees me from fear, eases my anxiety and allows me to let go.

The same holds true for all my plans or worries about the future. He’s got the whole world in His hands, so I can surrender, confident He knows the future. He’s already there with His good plan for me.

Our plan should be to surrender to His.[tweetthis]Our plan should be to surrender to His. In this, we find #freedom. #lettinggo #faith #soul #wellness [/tweetthis]

But letting go can hurt, be excruciatingly difficult, or cause us to grieve. All these emotions and feelings are real. However, only when we fully surrender to God, can we find the peace Jesus spoke about.

Only when we release what’s important today do we find what He has for tomorrow.

I don’t think God wants us to learn and then stagnantly clutch the past and this worldly life. I think He desires us to live by trusting, letting go and moving forward with Him.

In full surrender, we freely walk into His glorious plan not only for us, but also for those we are trying to hold onto so tightly. Releasing our grip on this life isn’t failure. It’s acknowledging and honoring His gifts and realizing His plan for them is greater.

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We are simply caretakers. Our job is to execute His plans for the gifts He’s given.

It’s time. Let’s fully surrender what we care about to Him. When we do, we will truly be free to live His plan for our lives.

Surrender = freedom?


Special thanks to Meg Weyerbacher for the spark behind this post! 

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7 thoughts on “Why We Need to Surrender”

  1. Such a great message, Jill. I did not realize you had been writing on “letting go” or I would have been over more often I think. It is something I have battled with, though I know the importance of it. Growth comes in waves, and I am remembering even in the low points (the valleys) He is still walking with me! Thank you for the shout out; this was so sweet. So thankful God is allowing awesomeness to sprout forth from the online communities!!!

  2. Such truth! When I’m holding on tightly, I’m in bondage. But, when I let go–surrender–there is peace…freedom. It seems backward in today’s world, doesn’t it? Great is His faithfulness to patiently wait and gently nudge when we forget His plans for our lives are so much freer than going through the motions of our own. Good word today, friend. ((xoxo))

  3. God called me last month to let go of a ministry, and I have to confess it’s been a bit painful. Ouch! 😉 I know His ways are best, however, and I’m still trusting him to work in that situation, but I felt him say, “You did what I told you. Now let go.” I’m like you, watching to clutch things and people close, but I’m learning freedom that comes from obeying and letting go. 😉 Thanks for your encouragement here.


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