Life is meant to be lived, not worried about.

If you are ready to refresh your soul and engage your mind toward your best life, welcome!

For too many years, I worried, planned, and missed memorable moments.  But no more!

Let's move forward into living the life God intends for us by learning to refresh our souls and engage our minds.

Refresh Your Soul

Refresh your soul with encouragement, Bible studies, and inspiration to grow closer to God.

Engage Your Mind

Engage your mind with tools, teaching, and tips to live your best life.

Meet Jill

I'm Jill, a recovering perfectionist with a passion for wellness. Knowing that no one is perfect didn't stop me from trying . . . for a long time. This mindset impacted my life, wellness, and everyone around me. But God doesn't love us because we are perfect, He loves us simply because we are.

As a former ICU nurse, family caregiver, and founder of MemoryMinders, I've witnessed how soul and mind wellness profoundly impact our lives. I believe wellness is rooted in our soul and directed by our mind. A settled soul and engaged mind form a foundation for wellness. With this foundation, we understand wellness isn't about perfectionism. It's about living our best life daily.

If you're ready to let go of perfection and be well, please join me. Let's refresh our souls and engage our minds to live the lives God desires for us.

Jill Hoven

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