Navigate the New Normal

navigation arrow with text how to navigate new normals

The other day I saw fallen autumn leaves…in August! As time slips away (faster) each year, we navigate the new normal of seasons. These seasons aren’t simply flipping the calendar page, they often denote a change of life, a shift into what’s next. This can be difficult as we age whether on the back half …

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It’s a God Thing

“It’s a God thing.” This past weekend while catching up with friends at different events, that phrase kept recurring. It sums up when things happen in a way only God could have orchestrated. Some people may say it’s serendipitous or lucky how things work out, but I firmly believe it’s a God thing. God’s hand …

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Listening in Action

Ever sense God speaking? Whether least expected or searching for answers, we open our Bible or a devotion to the perfect verse or hear a song lyric speak directly to us. Often so spot on, it’s surreal. Other times, we cringe remembering God knows all and speaks even in our missteps. Regardless of how and …

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