Book Reading Tips & Latest Favorites

The more we read, the more we learn about life by educating ourselves or imagining the story along with the author. It’s a great brain exercise and one we all can enjoy easily. I’m planning more time this summer with a stack of books and hope you will too! As I’ve read more over the …

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Rise Above

A mantra can be a powerful reminder of what we truly desire or want to be. One little mantra our family uses has taken on new meaning recently: “rise above”. It’s a simple reminder no matter what or who is causing a problem in our lives, we rise above. We often use it when someone …

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Favorite Books of 2021

What activity transports us to new places, creates new memories, educates and entertains our minds, and encourages our spirit? It’s reading of course! We could say the same about movies or music, but there is something about a good book to engage our imagination, inspire our intellect, and/or refresh our soul. In the past year, …

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Five Lessons Learned from 2020

5 lessons from 2020

With the dawn of a new year, a healthy practice is looking back before looking forward. I took time for a review over the last few weeks and summarized it into my five lessons learned from 2020. Our choices impact many others. If we didn’t already understand this, a very contagious pandemic made it abundantly …

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A Word, a Plan, & a Prayer to Transform a Year

a word, a plan, a prayer to transform

While doing some year end reflection and planning, to my surprise, I discovered a word, a plan, and a prayer to wrap up a year unlike any other. I sense these three things will also help me begin next year well. The last few years I’ve been prompted to do some year end reflections and …

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