Manage Distractions with a New Habit

Distractions hamper our habits, mess with our memory, and can steal our joy. That’s the bad news. The good news is we can manage distractions with a new habit! The real culprit of getting off track with habits or why we walked into a room is our response to internal and external stimuli. Distractions aren’t …

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Returning to a Joy Habit Part 2: Notable Non-fiction

Good habits create joy, memories, and momentum. Last year, returning to a joy habit of reading more did just that. Last week, we discussed my fiction faves. But most of my reading is non-fiction (although I’m hoping for more balance this year.) It was more difficult to pare down this list, so let’s get to …

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Returning to a Joy Habit: 5 Fiction Favorites

Bad habits steal our time, peace, and progress. Good habits create joy, memories and momentum. A joy habit I returned to last year was reading more. My only goal was to read more purposefully. It brings me joy, yet I wasn’t making it a habit. So, I did and last year read twenty-three books! But …

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The Antidote for Worry

the antidote for worry

“God willing.” This addendum to future intentions can be the antidote for worry. But only if we truly believe and apply it well. Worry can steal our moments and cause us to question ours and/or God’s plans. In the process we miss the present. I heard a great analogy recently by Tauren Wells “Worry is …

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Finding More of God

More of God is better

I hit the snooze button again. One of the kids needs me (whether real or perceived). My head/back hurts. My stomach is growling. What was that noise? Look at the sunrise-I should take a pic! Great devotion! I should post that on social media. All of the above have pulled me away from spending quality …

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