The Secret is Perseverance

It’s officially summer, yet it’s different, disappointing, and difficult in many ways. There are big issues like a persistent pandemic and tensions rising with the temperatures. Then there are “littler” everyday issues that seem like they shouldn’t be important, yet are to us. So how do we cope or even enjoy a different kind of …

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The Antidote for Worry

the antidote for worry

“God willing.” This addendum to future intentions can be the antidote for worry. But only if we truly believe and apply it well. Worry can steal our moments and cause us to question ours and/or God’s plans. In the process we miss the present. I heard a great analogy recently by Tauren Wells “Worry is …

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One Word Evolution

One word. Just pick a word to focus on for 2020. It’s an powerful practice I’ve done for the last few years. I reviewed my previous words of Joy, then a Present Presence, and Encourage. Now, it’s time for a new word, and one word kept popping up. It’s always been in the back of …

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