Choose Joy!


We make literally hundreds to thousands of choices daily, many of which impact our future. We may not even be aware of their effect in the moment. But choices are powerful. One of mine, in particular, has had a lasting impact not only in my life but many others.

I chose joy.

A cloak of grief and sadness covered my life. I lost both Mom and Grandma within weeks of each other and it sent me reeling. After a year or so of navigating the heartache, I longed to be free of sadness. My life was ahead of me with a young family who I needed and needed me. So, I chose joy.

At the time, I didn’t recognize it as joy as much as choosing to let go of negative. I was tired of grief and regret and craved happier. I chose to purposefully seek positive.

When younger, my glass skewed half-empty with negative go-to reactions and worry as the norm. But in my twenties, I had shifted to being more positive. It was a willful choice, but soon I was seeing the world as half full.

Then in a blink, the two most influential women in my life were gone.

It was a deep, bruising blow and revived my negative nature.

To read the rest of my post and what I happened when I chose joy, click to see it on my friend Alisa Nicaud’s Flourishing Today blog!

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