Life Giving Water & A Snack!

Misty rain intensified and my steps became quicker.  Determined to exercise before the rain came, I ventured off on a walk.  Although just a mist, it made me think about how rain can be gloomy.  But water brings life, to us and all living things. Water rejuvenates.  It brings refreshing comfort to dry earth, parched …

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Cast your Cares

I don’t like to fish.  Maybe it’s the patience required, but it’s not very exciting to me. My husband however, loves to fish.  When I go with him, I do one thing-cast.  It’s my favorite part of fishing. Casting the lure way out there, I wait briefly-again I have little patience- then reel it in …

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Mindful Magnificence

The brilliant orange of an autumn leaf, the surprising look on my laughing daughter’s face and my limited abilities-these are some things I noticed while being mindful this week. Being mindful of all things around me while also being present to experience them as discussed in last Wednesday’s post (Look Up & Pay Attention) is not an easy …

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Look up & Pay attention

“Pay attention!”  These words echo from childhood, I say them to my children, but even more often I say them to myself.  It’s my mantra. What I pay attention to matters so I don’t miss the subtle, important moments of life. The small moments of life are what I want to remember.  A quiet whisper …

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How Are You-Really?

What I am“Hi!  How are you?” We ask this repeatedly-but how often do we receive (or want) an honest answer?  Usually, the reply is “fine”, “great” or “ok” when many of us really want to say “exhausted”, “worried”, or “wondering what’s next”. I understand that even though I may be feeling much of the above, I know I am well.

What I am and what I’m feeling are two different things.  I am well because I am well in my soul.  The rest are feelings.  Currently, I am feeling tired from a long weekend and a bit overwhelmed with all I have going on; but my life is blessed and I am well.

Attempting to see the big picture of life, I’ve concluded that big picture is not all my responsibility.  My future is secure in the saving grace of Jesus.  The rest is managing the “stuff” of this world and my feelings and reactions to said stuff.

This is part of what I’d like to explore in our Fall 12 week Wellness Journey.

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