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Ever lost your joy or felt like running away from your life? Joy can be found, we simply need to know where to look.

After a stressful few months, I was anticipating a break and a fresh beginning in the quest for my one word: joy. But instead I limped into the new year needing joy more than ever.  So began my search for #FindingJoy.

Now a year later, God has revealed joy in so many unexpected places.  Joy has been found in:

As I explored, learned, and listened, I found a simple truth. The more we follow and pay attention to what God shows us along the journey, the more we build a foundation of joy. Reviewing these joyful God lessons this year has been humbling. But even more importantly, it cemented my belief that true joy is found only in Him.

Joy stems from God’s love and grace and pours into us when we choose to seek and see it.

It’s All About Jesus

The recent 500th anniversary of the Reformation theme for our church was “it’s still all about Jesus.” This reminded me that just as our faith is still all about Jesus, so is our joy.

It doesn’t matter what happens to us in this life: wealth, health, happiness, success, none of it matters without Jesus. Our futures are secure due to His sacrifice covering our sin. It’s not about anything we’ve done or will do, it’s all about what Jesus did.

Our joy is found in Jesus-it’s still all about Him.

This year of #FindingJoy has taught me how joy is always with me because Jesus is always with me. Maybe I felt joyless because I forgot this eternal truth.  As Jesus promises us:

And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  ~ Matthew 28:20

Where to Find Joy

So, in our joyless moments, let’s remember: we can never run away from God and His love. When I went searching for joy, I realized it was always there–because He’s always there.

In moments of shame or regret, He’s there.

When we feel like no one understands, He’s there.

When we lose loved ones, He’s there.

When we’re at our wits end as a parent or caregiver, He’s there.

When long awaited plans don’t materialize, He’s there.

When everything and everyone around us is negative, He’s there.

Joy CAN be found in any moment, knowing all our moments are full of His presence.

Want to find joy? Reach out, grab it; it’s right there waiting.

It’s found in a silent prayer when stressed, worried, frustrated, scared, grieving or lonely.

It’s found in a moment of undeserved grace.

It’s found in the smile of a loved one.

It’s found in the rainbow after a storm or disappointment.

It’s found even in the unwanted moments of our life, because in all our moments, our joy-Jesus is there.

Jesus is always present. He is the cornerstone of our faith, salvation and joy. As I recently sang this song in church, it hit me. Tears streamed down my face remembering how I lost my joy and how He reminded me that all my joy is based in Him. He truly is my cornerstone; my life and joy is built on Him.

We may not always feel joyful. But in these moments, let’s remember to surrender, rest, and build our foundation on God’s deep abiding love and joy in our lives.

Our joy and His presence are always present. Let’s unwrap this beautiful gift this Christmas and in all our moments, especially the most difficult ones.

Need  joy? Follow Jesus.

For additional follow up on living and following Jesus, check out these sermons as referenced in the post:  It’s All About Jesus (the sermon is at 37:00 in the service) & Following Jesus-the Word made flesh.

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14 thoughts on “Joy Found”

  1. Jill, there have been times in my life where I was so aware of His joy in the midst of the unhappiest of times. There is such a distinct difference between happiness and joy. We can continually abide in joy as we abide in Him. Wonderful post & reminder! May His joy fill your heart and mind this Christmas season!

    • Agree wholeheartedly, Joanne! Thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement to me today. Merry Christmas joy to you and yours this season and all throughout the year as well!

  2. This phrase rings true with me today. “It’s found even in the unwanted moments of our life, because in all our moments, our joy-Jesus is there.” Thank you for bringing this to light as we find Joy in Jesus! He is here with us! Praise God!

  3. We’re so prone to judge God’s presence in our lives based on our circumstances instead of judging our circumstances in light of God’s presence. A huge perspective shift that will help us stay firm in our faith in even the most difficult situations.

    • It is a crucial perspective shift to understand and experience His full joy, isn’t it, Karen? Thanks for your thoughts and Merry Christmas!

  4. Love hearing the backstory of your words of the year the past couple years. Have enjoyed the journey with you this year. Thank you for sharing, friend. He *is* our joy, isn’t He? Beautiful reminder. — I like that song, too. (Listening to it in the background, from your link, as I type this.) Hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas season filled with so much joy and so much Jesus. xoxo

    • Thanks Brenda for sharing the journey with me, it’s always better with friends to share it with! I wish you and yours Christmas joy now and all througout the year!

  5. “When I went searching for joy, I realized it was always there–because He’s always there.” I am so glad that He is ever faithful, and His joy, too. Thanks for this encouraging post, Jill!

  6. This is a very timely post, Jill! It confirms a lot of what I’ve been learning which is that each moment matters. So this line in particular really stood out to me: “…in all our moments, our joy-Jesus is there.”


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