Obey is Not a Four Letter Word

No one likes to obey. It inherently implies someone else knows better. This rubs against the grain of the popular unspoken message we come first and know best. Why obey because we’ve got it all under control, thank you very much! But do we really? Not sure about you, but on any given day I feel anything but in control. Let’s stop thinking of obedience as some four letter forbidden word or act. As followers of Jesus, we need to obey. It’s one the the ways we find His footprints as a Follower. O=Obey. O=Obey

Obedience is a byproduct of faith. As discussed last week, faith is essential to being His Follower. Faith is trusting in what we don’t see. To believe, we shift our perspective off of us onto Him. This change of focus to Jesus’ saving grace allows for obedience to the One who saved us. Suddenly, we’re not the ones with all the answers-He is.

In faith, we want to follow. To follow, we choose to obey.

A few weeks ago at Bible Study we discussed the important, obedient habit of going to church with our kids. As parents, we set the tone on this act of obedience. God commands us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, which involves attending worship. In today’s busy world however, the Sabbath is not honored. Sports, extracurricular activities and our wants often interfere. So most churches offer numerous services. The Sabbath can be a ‘floating’ holiday, but we still need to honor it.

It can be wearisome in the pew with squirming or sulking kids. Our spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak. Then our faith kicks in. We faithfully choose to obey and kick out temptations, distractions and excuses. Each time we walk in obedience, we declare God’s sovereignty in our lives. We show, not tell our kids what’s important. We plant seeds of faith.

Growing in Faith

The farther we walk in obedience, the more our faith grows. As we seek to follow Him, His wants become our wants. Our understanding and desire to be more like Jesus develops as we follow in faith and obedience.

Obedience is more than worship, however. It encompasses everything. God wants our whole lives not just what we conveniently choose to give him. Obeying God is a daily and often moment by moment conscious choice. Reading the Bible to learn and grow in God’s truth, making time for prayer, serving and loving others as He did are all examples of obedience.

Being a follower is stepping out of our comfort zone and obediently stepping into His will.

How can you be more obedient as Jesus’ follower this week? Pick any of these or come up with your way to step out of you and into Him.

• Worship
• Bible Reading
• Prayer
• Sharing your faith
• Encouraging others in faith
• Serving in love
• Saying no to something to say yes to Jesus

15 “If you love me, obey my commandments.       23 Jesus replied, “All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our home with each of them. ~John 14: 15, 23

As we step into Jesus and obey, He abides in us. Through faith and obedience, God’s presence is with us as followers.

It’s true no one likes to obey. Instead, let’s choose to obey Jesus. Now there’s something to truly encourage, not forbid.

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