Unwavering Habits of Trust

The drill whirred away inside my head, literally. While lying perfectly still for my friend the dentist, it hit me. I trust him. It’s why I could be (mostly) peaceful while he drilled without anesthesia. I was confident in his assessment of a quick fix. He was right and my unwavering trust was confirmed.

I trusted because logically I understood his plan and he had always come through. But it’s difficult to trust when life doesn’t seem logical, fair or clear.

Yet we can trust. By faith.

I reread the story of David and Goliath again this week and am always struck by David’s incredulous response to fighting giant Goliath. He didn’t understand why the other guys weren’t standing up to anyone who would defile God! He essentially told King Saul, hey I got this! God was with me before and He’ll be with me again. Let me at him!

He never wavered in knowing God was with him. He was in his past and David trusted He’d be in his future. It wasn’t going to be his power, but God’s who conquered Goliath. David didn’t necessarily know how; he just showed up and trusted. He proclaimed God’s power to Goliath, acted on his instinct, and God took it from there.

For the rest of Israel’s army, there was no logical path to victory. They were smaller, less equipped and scared of the what-if’s. David didn’t see any of that. He simply trusted in his God who was always with him.

God always has a plan.

David knew this because He knew God. When we know God, we see Him working in our lives, just like David. We know God when we read His word and are inspired by His power, encouraged by His faithfulness, comforted by His promises and indebted to His sacrifice.

We read, learn and trust.

I know God is with me because in every low moment, even if I didn’t know much, I knew one thing: God was there. He was there in my past, He’s in my future and He’s here right now.

Knowing this still doesn’t exempt me from stumbling, worrying, or having moments of lackluster faith. But in it all, God is STILL here. He’s teaching in every worrisome thought, errand word, or thoughtless action. Through our struggles, we gain even greater trust.

Building my trust in Him includes a few habits. These help me trust God, even in those illogical, confusing, or unwanted situations.

  • Pray without ceasing. My running dialogue with Him is almost as natural as breathing. I’ve purposely practiced this and now it’s so automatic, I cannot imagine life without this habit.
  • Remain peaceful in the storm. This is a work in progress as it goes against my natural tendency to be in control. But instead of immediate action, I try to seek Him in prayer, His Word, and thoughtful worship. These center me and help me see His will in any storm.
  • Pray, then act. This is another habit in process. I’m not always patient and often act without considering all facets of situations. When I do, however, the result is always more like God and less like me.
  • Keep God’s plan in perspective. Maybe this situation is meant to be a life lesson for God to help others. God may be using this for my or someone else’s good.
  • Trust my God-given instincts. I learned this as a nurse, mom, and friend. It’s not always logical, evident, rational or explainable, but is typically reliable.
  • Most importantly, ask God to help me trust Him more each day. Keep asking, keep seeking.

What are some of your habits to help you lean into and trust God in the difficult and unknown?

Yes, we trust based on the past. But practicing these habits cements my unwavering faith to know He’s here and already in my future. He’s got it. All of it.

Let’s not trust in only what we see, but in the One who gives us vision. Let’s not trust only in what we know, but in the One who knows all.

Lauren Daigle in her song, Trust in You sums it up perfectly:

You are my strength and comfort; you are my steady hand.

You are my firm foundation, the rock on which I stand.

Your ways are always higher; your plans are always good.

There’s not a place where I’ll go you’ve not already stood.

…I will trust in You.

The habit of trusting God is foundational. It’s the rock on which I stand. It’s a habit which allows me to share these words, teach my children and hope in the future.

Let’s allow our trust in God to grow as we know Him more each day. Even in the unknown, illogical or unclear, may our faith be unwavering.

In whom do I trust? In Him alone.

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12 thoughts on “Unwavering Habits of Trust”

  1. “In Him alone.” Yes! — (Except the times I forget and trust in my worrying, or my feelings, or…) So thankful He’s patient with my humanity! Great list, Jill – and I’m especially intrigued by your 2nd point — remain peaceful in the storm. Hmm, that is a habit we build, isn’t it? (Light bulb moment, here. 🙂 ) Will be practicing that, thank you! Blessed by you, sweet friend. ((xoxo))

    • It totally is a conscious choice for me to TRY to remain calm in a storm. I usually whip up more wind! Yes, God’s patience is never-ending and I for one am so thankful! Thanks for visiting and encouraging me!

  2. This is so good, Jill. What is so easily said, Trust God, is not easily practiced in our day to day lives, especially during storms. But He is our Ally, our constant, our All in All. Thanks for your 6 Habits. I needed these reminders. Today, I’m going to work especially hard to keep God’s plan in perspective.

    • My pastor alluded to this in his sermon last weekend. Our whatever may be for someone else’s benefit! Makes me feel a bit selfish yet hopeful my issue can be helpful to someone else as well as me. Thanks Teresa!

    • Thanks Susan! Yes, listening and praying before acting is so important and neglected too often by me, I’m afraid. Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Thanks Gretchen! Seeing trust in God as a practical daily choice helps me and happy it can be beneficial to you too!

  3. “…he just showed up and trusted.” I love this and I love the story of David. In fact, remembering David’s words helps me when I’m afraid, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee” (psalm 56:3).

  4. I love your reminder to trust our God given instincts. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the still small voice of God can speak through those. This is a great post, Jill!

    • Yes, so often we can view it as bad, but often it’s God speaking in that still, small voice. Thanks for the encouragement and sharing!


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