Worshipful Leaping

Hopping easily from one stone to the next, the path across the river seems clear.  I slip and nearly fall but quickly regain my footing.  Looking up, the next step appears miles away requiring a jump to a jagged rock in flowing water.  I could turn around, but I’ve come this far and the destination should be glorious.  With renewed concentration, I carefully leap ahead. Finally reaching the other side, I rejoice in the journey and magnificent peace.

Following Jesus is like obedient steps through the river of life.  At first, the stones may be close together in a calm, shallow river.  We quickly step seeing an obvious path. We keep following, maybe even jumping into unknown waters. But little do we know the next leg of the journey includes raging rapids with unclear leaps.

God doesn’t show us the whole path of our journeys for a reason.  If He did, we’d probably quit or never begin; knowing the path could bring uncomfortable leaps of faith, failure, or sadness.  But we also don’t see the unspeakable joy and peace experienced either.  He just asks us to follow.  As we follow, we usually can only see far enough ahead for the next step.

Obedient following is worshipful.  It includes fervent prayer, passionate praise and even regret if not following as we should.  Penitent hearts are forgiven by an all knowing God and a peace found only in Him results. Sounds a lot like worship to me!

obedient following

This is following Jesus and His path with abandon.  It becomes a worship we live every day.  It is deepened by obediently taking those steps, whether smooth and easy or jagged and challenging.  It is strengthened by an ongoing relationship with our Savior expressed in daily life, private and public prayer and worship.[tweetthis]Obediently following #Jesus is everyday worship #soul #wellness[/tweetthis]

I admit I haven’t always lived like this.  I often only wanted smooth and easy. Then jagged and difficult came and the only place I knew to look was at Jesus.

He carried me, pointed out each stone and helped smooth the path.  On the other side, He comforted and strengthened.  Then He asked me to keep following.  This time, the path was more unfamiliar.  Soon there were large leaps, but with each step or leap, He was with me.

Maybe you have felt God asking you to take a step.  Maybe it’s small, maybe it’s a leap.  Whatever your next step, trust Jesus.  Give Him your attention, don’t look too far ahead or try to second guess.  Don’t question or try to be logical, because sometimes following is not logical.  Sometimes it’s about taking the proverbial leap of faith.

Take the giant leap.

Pray the impossible prayer.

We may fall or not get the answer we seek.  But the act of obediently following God is never a wasted act.  In fact, it’s very much like worshipful leaping.

This week I took another big leap with my work at MemoryMinders.  It’s an unknown leap, but one I know I’m called to provide.  While the path ahead may seem unclear, let’s keep leaping my friends and savor each worshipful moment with our Savior.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.’ ~ Matthew 16:24, NLT

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20 thoughts on “Worshipful Leaping”

  1. I love the whole idea of worshipful leaping. It’s a bit scary, dangerous even, but requires faith in action, and God always honors that….doesn’t he? Visiting from #livefree Thursday.

    • Hi Sarah-thanks for visiting and to answer you-yes, I think God will always honor our leaps of faith-especially those He asks of us! It is really scary sometimes, but leaping with Jesus is so much better than living wondering what if…Thanks again for your thoughts and stopping by! Blessings as you leap!

  2. Beautiful writing here. I love your description of following Jesus as leaping across stones in a river- the smooth, easy bits and the more challenging bits- and that by obediently following one step at a time we are worshiping.

    • Thanks Suzie-always a pleasure to link up with you and #livefree. Thanks for all you do to promote community as we follow Jesus!

  3. This makes me think of how happy I am when my kids do what I ask the first time without asking me a million questions. God must delight when we take those steps (or leaps) of faith!

    • Thanks Kelly-Yes, we often think our lives are ours alone when really they are a gift from God. What an honor to leap in service to Him! The happiness we feel when our kids obey us is just a glimpse of what God must feel-great point! Thanks for stopping by my friend! Always a pleasure to have you here!

    • Thanks Emily-yes what great comfort knowing our journey is covered and in His hands! Thank you for stopping by and commenting-hope to see you again soon!

  4. Whew- leaps of faith. Steps I’m cool with. But those leaps. I tend to be the one who looks down halfway instead of looking at Him who is leading me. Leads to failure…and then to grace. Thanks for sharing this word-picture and encouragement Jill!!

    • You’re welcome Bethany! So often when all we look at are our circumstances, we miss the beauty of the path God has for us! Here’s to more leaping in faith-thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Jill,
    I liked the point you made that even a penitent heart and asking forgiveness can be an act of worship. I probably wouldn’t have associated regrets with worship…but a heart laid bare before the Lord, asking for forgiveness, would certainly be an act of worship. Needed this attitude adjustment,

    • Thanks Bev for stopping by and your thoughts. To me one of the most powerful moments of worship is the confession and absolution. Happy I could bring a new perspective to it for you. Hope to see you again soon and thank you again!

    • Thanks Michele and welcome! I hope you’ll stop by again to follow His footprints along with us! Thanks again for the visit and your thoughts!

    • Hi Alene and thanks for stopping by and your comments. I know for me, following has to be one step at a time. When I begin to think about bigger steps and what if’s I freeze. But when I can break it down and just do one thing, it’s less scary. It also makes the big leaps doable since I look back on the small steps and feel His peace. Thanks again and keep following in obedience!


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