Finding More of God

I hit the snooze button again.

One of the kids needs me (whether real or perceived).

My head/back hurts.

My stomach is growling.

What was that noise?

Look at the sunrise-I should take a pic!

Great devotion! I should post that on social media.

All of the above have pulled me away from spending quality time with God. Maybe you can relate to how distractions and excuses interfere with deepening our faith. My head and heart know the importance of spending time with God. It’s literally the name of this blog-Follow His Footprints-because I want to follow Him daily. But often life (and the enemy) try to distract me from it.

If you saw my post of Instagram this week, I sheepishly confessed to sometimes falling asleep or being too distracted to even finish the Lord’s Prayer! It happened again last night-even while I was diligently trying to stay focused. UGH.

Educating myself and others on memory wellness, focus and attention are a main component. We won’t ever remember anything if we don’t focus and pay attention. So, if I want to follow God, I need to pay attention to Him and focus my time doing this. But those distractions keep tugging!

My friend Betsy de Cruz knows all about distractions pulling her away from God. She saw the problem in her own life and found interesting and creative ways to address it. She wanted more of God in her life and found it. Thankfully for the rest of us distracted women, she’s written a book sharing what she’s learned!

In More of God: A Distracted Woman’s Guide to More Meaningful Quiet Times, Betsy identifies and demonstrates the importance of how “small doses of God’s presence and power build our faith.” She relates to real life but also reminds us that the “only way to grow closer to God is to pay attention, quiet the world and turn our focus to Him.” She reminds us that “while we live distracted, our Savior lives with focus.” She goes on to remind us that we listen, God will speak. Sounds like exactly what I need.

Betsy is a friend and yes, I’m promoting her book but I’m not receiving anything by doing so other than knowing I’ve sent you to a worthy resource. Honestly, before I read it I didn’t know just how much I needed these words. Right now I’m looking for a new direction and/or clarification on the previous path.  I need #MoreofGod to do this and Betsy’s book was a great reminder of this personally.

Opening a window for God ushers in His powerful presence.
Opening a window for God ushers in His powerful presence.

One the best things about this book is Betsy’s practical, creative tips. She has learned to infuse daily quiet time with alternate methods of studying the Bible, praying, and then applying it to her life and shares just how to do this.

If you need reinforcement and ideas on how to get #MoreofGod into your life, I highly recommend More of God. It’s a quick read and full of wisdom, usefulness, and honesty. You’ll see what I mean by reading a few sample chapters here.

But I truly encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself. I marked all over mine and am excited to try some of Betsy’s tips and ideas. Order it through Betsy’s site to get those sample chapters first.

We cannot say we want to follow God and then not spend any of our time learning and actually doing it. As Betsy says in the book, when we “stop to draw near to Jesus, He comes with just what we need.”

Distractions abound, but seeking more of God will always be the better choice. Let Betsy remind and help you to let go of your distractions and grab hold of #MoreofGod.

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4 thoughts on “Finding More of God”

  1. I’m seeing posts about this book all over the place this morning and I’m convinced! It sounds like a book I’d love and would put to practical use immediately. Thanks for your review!

  2. Hi Jill,

    Thank you for your blog about distractions. My life is full of them at the moment. My soul is dry. My heart lacks inspiration. My training for 2019 Marathons is pending. So many distractions pull me from having quality time with God. My heart and soul is aware of these distractions, yet, I’m not putting in that effort. Thank you for the reminder and providing a resource by Betsy de Cruz.

    • Hi Debbie-I empathize with a dry feeling soul and lack of inspiration. I would so highly recommend you getting Betsy’s book-she has been distracted too. She is an inspiration to me with her obedience in seeking God and then sharing her ways with all of us. I pray that you find that time for more of God in your life and find refreshment for your soul. Blessings and praying for you!


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