Cast your Cares

I don’t like to fish.  Maybe it’s the patience required, but it’s not very exciting to me. My husband however, loves to fish.  When I go with him, I do one thing-cast.  It’s my favorite part of fishing.

Casting the lure way out there, I wait briefly-again I have little patience- then reel it in and cast again. I practice getting the correct follow through to make it land softly where I aim.  Often times, I miss the mark and need to cast again.

One of our favorite family Bible verses is “cast your cares” as we call it:

1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)  7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. cast your cares-water

Other translations say “cast your cares”-great alliteration which helps us remember it.  When one of us is worried or anxious we just say-“cast your cares” and we know to let it go and give it to God.

While “casting my cares” to God lately, I thought of how fishing casting is similar to casting my cares.  When I cast in fishing I want to get it way out there, so I can reel in a great fish.  Many times the line comes back empty, stuck on weeds or other circumstances occur I wasn’t expecting. Casting my cares to God, I don’t always get the answer I want either.

God always answers my prayers, but not always in the way I hope.  At times, God has me wait and be patient-not a gift of mine.  Other times, I receive something I don’t want or didn’t anticipate-like the weeds or a roadblock in life. Sometimes though, God gives something wonderful and surprising like a big fish to reel in.

Casting our cares isn’t about the outcome so much as it is about the process.  When I let go of the line, it’s out of my control.  When I cast my worries to God, I let go as well.  He’s in control.  Whatever the answer to the prayer I cast, I am confident He’ll be there helping me reel it in.

Often times, my mind wants to keep worrying or be anxious after I’ve casted to God.  But that hampers the cast itself.  If I don’t let go, I won’t get a good cast.  If I don’t let go to God, I am hampering His will to work in my life.  Casting my cares way out there to God and letting it go is the best part. It allows me to truly see God work in my life.

As in fishing, I need to practice casting my cares.  Give my worries to God, let go and see what He has planned for me.

God is there, ready, willing and able to listen and help us with any worry we have.  Cast your cares today.  Give whatever is worrying you to God.  Let go, Let God and wait to see what He has you reel back in.

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