How Are You-Really?

What I am“Hi!  How are you?” We ask this repeatedly-but how often do we receive (or want) an honest answer?  Usually, the reply is “fine”, “great” or “ok” when many of us really want to say “exhausted”, “worried”, or “wondering what’s next”. I understand that even though I may be feeling much of the above, I know I am well.

What I am and what I’m feeling are two different things.  I am well because I am well in my soul.  The rest are feelings.  Currently, I am feeling tired from a long weekend and a bit overwhelmed with all I have going on; but my life is blessed and I am well.

Attempting to see the big picture of life, I’ve concluded that big picture is not all my responsibility.  My future is secure in the saving grace of Jesus.  The rest is managing the “stuff” of this world and my feelings and reactions to said stuff.

This is part of what I’d like to explore in our Fall 12 week Wellness Journey.

The last few days I’ve spoken to numerous friends who just “feel” tired, overworked or worried.  You can hear it in their voices, you can see it on their faces or in how they say “fine” when asked how they are.  I want to encourage every one of us-that while “feeling” all we are feeling, let’s remember we can still “be” well.

While thinking and talking about wellness in the last few months and years, I’ve come to a realization.  When asked how I am,  I reply “I am well” because it is a reminder of what and who I am more than how I am.

I want to continue to remember what and who I am, more than dwell on how I am and my feelings.  Feelings change and shift with different circumstances, situations or days.  Remembering who I am and Who’s I am helps me to focus on what’s important.

But part of my job on this Earth is managing my life.  Which means managing my feelings, thoughts and actions in body, mind and soul.  Thus, I am picking a key word for each wellness journey category to assist me in managing the life I was given.

My soul word: faithfulness-to God and the impact on my life and those around me

My mind word: mindfulness in my thoughts and subsequent actions

My body word: perseverance-this will truly come into play with all the changes I’ll have over the next few weeks with knee surgery and rehab.

I hope my words inspire you to think of some key words to trigger and focus you along our Fall 12 week Wellness Journey.  Please share your words with me by email (&/or with others if so desired) on Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to encourage you!

See you back here this Wednesday, September 10 as we begin our Wellness Journey together! And don’t forget to sign up on the website & receive the posts sent directly to your email if you haven’t done so already. Looking forward to following Him together…

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